AHS Freak Show Review: Cure my Boredom

“Massacres and Matinees” was a great follow up to last weeks premier of AHS Freak Show. Tension at the Freak Show camp rose with 2 new arrivals, the cop case getting more messy… Continue reading

Arrow Review: Death in the Family

I didn’t think this episode would have such an impact on me, but right off the moment I saw Laurel crying in the Team Arrow layer I was falling apart. “Sara” was probably… Continue reading

The Flash Review: Fathers and a Son

Season 1 Episode 2 and The Flash kept me watching! Many time before I said that the 2nd episode of a new show is a deal breaker, either it keeps you watching or… Continue reading

Gotham Review: What Ever It Takes

Could it be happening? Is Gotham finding its real rythym ? “Arkham” had some really good moments and the story finally progressed in a way that wasn’t boring me to turn of the… Continue reading

The Originals Review: Revelations and Secrets

So “Alive and Kicking” was a really entertaining hour of Television. The 2nd episode of season 2 was all about confrontations, revelations and more secrets. The hour remembered me how towards the end… Continue reading

Once Upon A Time Review: Set Up

Dairy Queen, The Snow Queen knowing Emma and Hook using a cell phone are just a couple of highlights featured in the 3rd Season 4 episode of OUAT. It was quite the eventful… Continue reading

Reign Review: Return of the King

“Drawn and Quartered” was an other powerful episode! Sadly the ratings doesn’t follow the story cause sadly Reign isn’t doing that well in that department. The return of Francis to the French court… Continue reading

Quick Recap: Scandal 4×03

- Somehow Scandal lost it’s charm for me. It’s still the same show with a bunch of messy characters playing each other. -The Star of the show once again, Mellie Grant. She started… Continue reading

How To Get Away With Mureder Review: Fair Trial

And once more How to get away with murder delivered. Last night’s episode, “Smile, or go to jail” was an exceptional hour that was entertaining funny and dig much deeper into this seasons… Continue reading

Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×03

- The 3rd episode of Grey’s 11th season was all about confrontation! “Got To Be Real” had some major blow outs and each was done very well. -First lets start with Owen, Callie… Continue reading