Quick Recap: Scandal 04×09

- “Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine” was an exceptional instalment once again and blowing our mind with every scene. With all these stories overlapping I don’t even know where to start. – Lets… Continue reading

Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×08

“Risk” was the season 11th winter final of my favorite winter finale. With a pretty much MerDer centric season so far the mid-season finale wasn’t different at all. Right from the start the… Continue reading

Arrow Review: Obsesion in my Mind

“Draw Back Your Bow” was major on Oliver and Felicity as they were stalling and moving on in their lives. The appearance of Carrie Cutter as the Arrow’s psycho stalker was just a… Continue reading

The Flash Review: Hit me with Ur best shot

“The Flash Is Born” was an entertaining The Flash outing but somehow I miss the dramatic edge. Barry is seriously taking out these “villains to Be” to easy. If you watch Arrow as… Continue reading

How To Get Away With Murder Review: Killing him was the easy part

HTGAWM is a hell of a drama! The show raises its level with each episode and just when you think things are going one way the writers change the game completely. “Kill me,… Continue reading

The Vampire Diaries Review: The coven comes first

As said in my earlier reviews this season The Vampire Diaries are back on track! After a luckluster repetitive season 5, season 6 returned much stronger. The thing that makes these episodes so… Continue reading

Quick Recap: The 100 2×05

-The 100 continued their trend of delivering thrilling captivating episodes week after week. “Human Trials” was all about reuniting and realization as all of the main characters got to space and time to… Continue reading

AHS Freak Show Review: Hiding Urself

Finn Wittrock is a pure revelation of this years AHS season. Dandy is the biggest freak of all and he is the one that looks like ” a normal person “. Dandy’s open… Continue reading

Gotham Review: Be nice, play rough

When I remember that I was about to abandon the show just a couple of weeks ago, I’m really glad I left it on my Monday schedule. Gotham’s ninth episode introduced us to… Continue reading

The Originals Review: Diamond Dagger

After last weeks ballistic episode “Chasing the Devil’s Tail” had a tough job to follow-up, but The Originals are always in for a surprise. The seventh episode of season 2 was extremely well… Continue reading