The Vampire Diaries Review: My Own Personal Hell

“Black Hole Sun” was the best Vampire Diaries episode in recent history. It featured almost all main characters, gave some characters surprising development, thrilling flashbacks and a couple of twists we didn’t saw… Continue reading

Quick Recap: Scandal 4×05

- “The Key” was great! Scandal’s last outing was exceptional and still while it kept the major story away from Olivia I think the real blow out will happen next week. – Right… Continue reading

Reign Review: With Child

So Reign is really on a dark path this season. The executives decided to challenge Mary and Francis throughout this season and the rocks on their road sometimes seem too big to be… Continue reading

Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×05

9 minutes into Grey’s latest episode and my heart already broke. “Bend and Break” majorly focused on Calzona and the way their relationship broke apart. The first 9 minutes featured a lot of… Continue reading

How To Get Away With Murder Review: Look at the Wallpaper

“We’re not Friends” was another great episode. The pace, dynamic, interactions and development were well-arranged and let to another great cliffhanger.The episode focused on wallflower Laurel Castillo and her finding her grounding between… Continue reading

The Flash Review: Inprison my Fears

“Things you can’t Outrun” featured the appearance of the Mist, a quite unique and deadly meta-human, and flashbacks that served both the story and characters in the right way. The Mist was an… Continue reading

Gotham Review: Viper out

This weeks Gotham episode, titled “Viper”, was finally an episode that was on point great. A lot of mafia business, betrayal, game changers and character progress were all part of last night and… Continue reading

Scorpion Review: Don’t Think Emotionally

As I live in Serbia I have some small difficulties with with watching shows out of the US. But watching Scorpion is a whole new playing field, especially an episode like “Plutonium is… Continue reading

Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×06

- Once again TBBT delivered a great episode, The Expedition Approximation once more dealt with some blocks on Penny and Lenard’s road and Sheldon crushing his boundaries. – After the group made fun… Continue reading

The Originals: Deepest Despair

If a show knows how to make several game changing moves in just one episode it’s The Originals. Once more I was on the edge of my seat, anxious to find out what… Continue reading