The100 Review: Who is Ur Commander?


I haven’t written on my blog for almost a year but the comeback of one of my favorites shows aka The100 deserved to start writing again. Also knowing this would be a 2 parter I knew I couldn’t watch it part by part it had to be a 2 hour event.


WANHEDA PART1 : I knew tuning into season 3 would be a completely different experience, the spoilers indicated it, the trailer rocked my world and just by watching the first 5 minutes proved to me we ain’t home anymore. Right away you see that all the characters went a long and aren’t even close to the people we learned to love over the course of 29 previous episodes.

Watching Bellamy, Jasper, Monty, Raven, Octavia and Nathan go out into the field had such a Power Ranger vibe to me. Power Rangers Arcadia! It was nice to see them confident and not suppressed by the fear like in previous seasons. The tonal shift between their fun ride and them entering Ice Nation territory was really brilliant. The way things escalated was another great thing. And I loved the first mention of WANHEDA, but later on that.


It is hard to balance out such a big and beloved cast and the crew of The100 succeeded to give insight in every single character get glimpses of their struggle and where they are today. 3 months after the events of Mount Weather.


While Jasper can’t coup with the events from MW, Raven suffers physical struggle which was neglected in the last bunch of season 2 eps but now it came back in a better way make it feel more real than ever. Monty and his light spirit didn’t change but how much time does he have before he breaks into pieces without being able to be put together.


Abby meanwhile has a hard time to keep it all together, Chancelor, Physician and worried Mother is way to much for her to handle. And so she focuses all her energy on Raven and tries to be the support system she needs.


Probably my favorite character evolution in the series so far was experienced by Octavia Blake. She became this warrior princess, aware of all the darkness not being able to process the feeling of hope. Her scenes with Lincoln were outstanding. She was never a real part of the Sky people, but discovered the Grounder within. I can’t wait to see where her road will take us this season.


Bellamy and Monty joined forces with Indra and Kane to find and rescue Clarke aka Wanheda – Death Commander. By an old Grounder believe when you kill someone U inherit his energy and the Ice Nation Queen, and with all eyes on the Clarke even Indra decided to work with the Sky People to prevent that from happening. They end the episode with trapped in the wilderness after someone cut their way with a forest tree. 


Seeing Wanheda aka Clarke in action was amazing, even though I love when Calrke is insightful and powerful I enjoy her being a warrior. She became warrior and it is nice they acknowledge that. The way she killed that beast was on point brilliant. Her interaction with Nylah was really well executed, it showed how much pain Mount Weather brought to her.  At the end of the episode Roan, an Ice nation hunter captured Clarke leaving the episode end on a cliffhanger.


But this wasn’t everything that happened during part 1, I kept the most intriguing part for last. Murphy and Jaha. The episode opened with a montage of Murphy locked in the basement near The City of Light. He went nuts, completely beserk and it was a delight to see Richard Harmon to perform this madness. After 3 months he was released from the bunker and reunited with Jaha. Of course Murphy was pissed but after Jaha and ALIE reunited him with the hotty he met last season, Murphy didn’t think twice to join their mission. What is that exactly we yet don’t know but we do know ALIE was responsible for saving the world by killing everyone?  More about that in part 2


WANHEDA PART 2 :  Was quite the improvement from Part 1, it was faster paced and full of unexpected developments. Jaha and Murphy continued their path to reunite with their people. During their travel we see Jaha and ALIE transport their minds into a beautiful city, probably The City of Light and Jaha promised to bring his people to fill up the empty town. Of course like always around Murphy thinks quickly escalated. The Hotty killed one of ALIE’s followers and she and Murphy realized that Jaha has ALIE with him in a back pack. After a confrontation with Jaha, Murphy and the hotty succeed to escape but in a strange way we discover that once you enter the City of Light you never leave it again also all your scars heal within. Nice way to intrigue us, really nice.


Another surprising storyline happened within Arcadia, Lincoln and Octavia encountered a wounded Grounder and asked Abby to help safe him. Of course no one shared the blood type with the wounded Grounder. With Lincoln’s consent Abby, Octavia, Jasper took the Grounder to MW to help him.  As always it is a stunner to experience how these characters make all these questionable choices. Their loyalties and experience cross with their wishes for freedom the actors energies collide is so suspenseful. After saving the Grounder Abby decides to open up MW to her people cause they needed. Jasper meanwhile has a mental breakdown while searching for Maya’s favorite picture. I’m not really fond of his arc so far but Devon getting different material is refreshing.


Early in the episode it was revealed that that the Bellamy, Kane, Monty and Indra were captured by fellow Sky People, including Monty’s mother and Pike, former teacher from the Ark and leader of this group of people. Pike is damaged, scared like all the other characters in this verse but doesn’t see the need for peace instead he only follows the order “To kill or to be killed”. While Monty finds out his father died a hero, at least according to his mother and Pike, and shares the story off MW with them, Bellamy sneaks out and tracks down Roan and Clarke but Roan injures him leaving him unable to follow them. Later Monty and co find Bellamy and Monty convince him to drop his search for now cause Roan is alerted and will cover his tracks better.  A big positive this season Bonty bromance. I love it, Monty was way to long locked up in MW and now he really gets more expression being around Bellamy and the others.


Last but not least Clarke. She didn’t have much to do except trying to escape Roan multiple time. This story delivered some major twists as Roan was revealed to be part of the Ice nation and son of their Queen, but he was doing the dirty work for Lexa who secured Clarke for her. Their encounter was all I wanted it to be cause Clarke went beserk and woke up the Wanheda within her and attacked Lexa right away. I love their on screen chemistry but as far as I see it, Lexa prevailing this season would be a big smack in the face.


THE100 returned in great fashion and set up so many good stories making this season even better than anticipated. Bring all the madness cause I wanna see the world fall apart.


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