Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of The Exes II 26×09

leroy-garrett-and-nia-moore– This week The Challenge introduced their biggest twist to date! While we all knew what was brewing behind the scenes of the real show, the remaining 4 couples were stunt by the twist in front of them.

– But before the first on screen Battle of the Exile, happened major drama was on the role. Sarah and Jordan weren’t fond of the option Wes, Teresa, Leroy and Nia were giving to them. S&J were thinking smart why bring along a strong couple if you could tag Jay and Jenna along. And at the moment when S&J didn’t bow down to Wes’s wish. So Wes pulled out the big guns and started to go after Jordan. A huge fight escalated, Teresa cried and Wes and Jordan were at each others throats. Thinks calmed down and the game was ready to continue.

– The moment TJ explained the Battle of the Exile to the remaning 4 couples I’ve got goose bombs over my body. And the look on Wes’s face when Bananas and Nany entered the Dome was priceless. The elimination game It Takes Two to Tangle: Similar to “Knot So Fast” from Battle of the Seasons (2012), players from each team have 20 minutes to create as many knots using 200 feet of rope within a dome-shaped structure. After those 20 minutes are up, teams must untie their opponents’ knots. The team who unties the opposing team’s knots first wins the elimination, was a great choice and it was such and intense fight. Zach and Jonna worked so well together but weren’t able to pull of an surprise and once again Bananas and Nany won. I was surprised that Teresa was such a crybaby again. Grow up girl this is the life.

– Back at the house drama started the moment people entered. Bananas and Sarah were good, Bananas was sick of Leroy for forming an alliance with Wes. He was on the ground and people started to kick. But than Bananas sneaky attitude started to come to surface, as he pretty much throw Leroy and Nia into the elimination for the sake of eliminating Wes.

– This weeks Challenge was not that thrilling. Wrecking Ball: Players from each team are positioned on a square platform suspended 30 feet above water, and have to knock opposing players off the platform with a swinging canvas bag. Players can also use two dodgeballs to knock other players off. The last player standing on the platform wins the Power Couple for their team, while the first team to have both players to fall into the water is automatically sent to the Dome. Things played out easily and Wes and Teresa were the loosing couple, Bananas faked a loss and Sarah and Jordan won.

– Drama started at the power couple dinner, when S&J announced they would throw in Leroy and Nia into the Dome. Nia reacted quite emotional and hypocritical for someone who easily throw in Zach and Jonna into the Dome to face S&J and wanted the stronger couple out.

– At the deliberation Nia went complete crazy, she couldn’t take being outsmarted and possibly eliminated, so she went banger on everyone. To be a winner/champion or whatever you first have to be an amazing loser. So grew some balls do your job and take a bow Nia. The episode concluded with Nia calling Nany a slut and going all out on her ready even to throw a punch. The screen faded out black and this will resolve next week. At least Nia is picking up good competitors for the next Rival’s season.

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Best comeback: Bananas and Nany.

Luckiest The Challenge team ever: Jay and Jenna.

Worst loser: 1st place Nia, 2nd place Teresa 3rd place Wes.


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