Scorpion Review: Payed off

Scorpion-South“Going South was another strong episode out of Scorpion’s first season. The 17th episode of season one dig deeper into our groups internal dynamics as vain side of their characters was revealed.

You heard right, VAIN! In an attempt to promote their work, Walter made a Tv interview in which he pretty much glorified himself while the others barely got a mention. This created a bit of a rift between our protagonist, who even though respect Walter a lot, aren’t fond of being undervalued. Once more Team Scorpion was called up to assist in kidnap rescue mission. And all off a sudden Team Scorpion was heading towards Mexico. And things started to get messy right away.

During their transportation they were played and 2 millions were taken from them. After being put on the spot Team Scorpion upped their game and Spencer realized where Zoe was held during a threatening video was recorded. At the country side, they were once more tricked when they had to face motion sensor guns. During this Paige almost died and Team Scorpion was getting a bit angry after all those failed attempts. Happy was so pissed that she went up and searched for the lead to the mafia on the streets of Mexico. There she encountered Paco (Aramis Knight), a poor street kid who wanted to ask ransom for her. Happy easily overpowered him and brought to the hotel where Team Scorpion was staying.

The team used Paco’s ambition to find the kidnappers, as they set him up to steal their ID’s and stuff. The action sequence during Zoey’s rescue was well executed and Team Scorpion did a great job by prepping the same motion sensor gun to threaten the kidnappers. Happy not being a fighting machine and taking some hits from the kidnapper was a nice move. The writers are challenging are believes a lot, Happy beating up that guy would’ve been just to much. Luckily Paco was there and saved Happy’s life.

Eventually Team Scorpion and Zoey came back to the garage and Walter asked his friends to forgive him for the messy interview he gave. An interesting development happened between Walter and Sylvester, after Sylvester under the Mexican sun confessed to date Walter’s sister, Megan. Walter was quite the douche and obnoxious towards Sylvester, who just wanted validation from his best friend. After Paige talked some sense into Walter he opened up to Sylvester and his fear of loosing Megan. Eventually both realized that Sylvester and Megan should live today and not worry about that far tomorrow.

The episode concluded with Walter rejecting a job offer and Mylvester sharing a romantic dance. We have only 5 more episodes in this season of Scorpion and as I heard they will be amazing. Can’t wait for some new exciting stuff.


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