How To Get Away With Murder Review: Taking Care of Us



I know I’m quite late with this review but exams were beating my ass and I hadn’t time to write all those reviews. But no matter how  unorganized I am, HTGAWM doesn’t fail to deliver with each aired episode. “She’s a Murderer” was another thrilling episode that made my jaw drop really hard.

In the aftermath of finding Sam’s body, Annalise wasn’t really grieving. Annalise was pushing herself over the boundaries of rational. At this point praising Viola Davis performance seems just redundant, this force field of a woman just nails it week after week and it’s stating to feel addictive. Can’t get enough of her.

Hannah Keating was meanwhile doing everything she can to put Annalise behind bars. Her Bonnie had to step up but failed to do so and after some fake allegations Hannah got the police to search the mansion. The way Hannah played Bonnie in the court room was just so embarrassing I quite felt for her. Kudos to Marcia Gay and Lisa Weil for 2 exceptional performances. The search through scene was quite gripping as the background song was just so fitting and adding intensity to the scene. The police didn’t find anything but gave Bonnie the last piece of the puzzle realizing what happened to Sam.

I was surprised how Bonnie handled this. She was calm and surprisingly on “our guys” side. She knew Hannah wasn’t letting this down and she needed to be smarter about her next moves.

You’re not going to get away with this, Annalise. Not if you keep avoiding the police. Hannah’s smart. She loves Sam too much not to solve this. And I know why you want to protect them, but they’re sneaking off all the time to talk. You didn’t do this. They did. Don’t let them ruin you.

The case of the week was quite entertaining, as we protected the Lombardi crime family. The Lombardis were a bunch of big mouth Italians and they were hilarious. On the other hand Annalise did an amazing job in discovering the mole and safe the day. But Annalise tackling her job so openly, was creating tension between the 4 murderous students. It didn’t seem normal and Connor hadn’t intentions to keep quite about it. So Annalise took him to the side and their conversation was probably one of the best scenes we had this season so far.

Annalise: Here’s the thing Mr. Walsh. You’re not gonna trust me, that’s just not in your nature. But you can stop worrying because and you might have forgotten this, but I’m your only option here. Without me, you’ll go to prison.
Connor: That doesn’t mean we won’t end up there.
Annalise: No, it doesn’t. But the odds are better with me.

The sincerity Annalise provided to Connor made him feel safe but her next move is what blew my mind. She and Frank set up Nate, Annalise’s ex-cop lover, as the fall guy. Frank stole a finger print from one of Nate’s glasses and put him on Sam’s wedding ring, which surprisingly was found in the woods outside of Middletown.

Apart from the tension around these 2 cases, Wes was starting to doubt his relationship with Rebecca. The guilt was eating him up and was trying to switch his focus to other stuff. First thing on the list, what happened to wall scratcher Ruddy. The guy who was living in Wes’s room, before Rebecca called the police on him. Something felt really off in their interaction and can’t wait to see Wes dig deeper here.

The episode ended with Nate getting arrested, Annalise falling apart in her room and the Keating 4 feeling some piece. We are just one episode away from the big 2 hour season finale. This should be epic!


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