How To Get Away With Murder Review: Mother Dearest

150218-news-htgawm-cicely-tysonWHAT AN ENTRANCE!

Ophelia: Clients? Don’t you know a VIP when you see one.
Bonnie: VIP?
Ophelia: Your boss came out of my V and her daddy’s P, so show a little respect for her mama.

Last weeks episode of How To Get Away With Murder, “Mama’s here now”, was all about Mother Dearest. In a surprising move the writer introduced Annalise’s mother, Ophelia, gave Bonnie a chance to star and continued Wes witch hunt against Rebecca.

Ophelia Hartness, played by the extraordinary Cecily Tyson, was just fabulous, so strong, open-minded and with a tongue that no one could stop. Ophelia grew up in a men’s world and she didn’t fight it. She knew how things were going and wouldn’t show any weakness towards anyone. She was fierce not letting Bonnie, Frank not even Annalise tell her what to do.

Ophelia’s appearance gave Annalise character so much more dimension. Revealing that Annalise was rapped by her Uncle and that no one was by her side was heartbreaking, Her pain, the amount of damage that brought to her felt just so real. I’m a man and I can’t imagine how demeaning it has to be to be violated at that fragile age.

The later reveal that Ophelia intentionally killed the Uncle for the things he did to, she let him burn in the house where he created all this pain. This gave Annalise the strength she needed to move on, or to get up again and fight another day.

Aja Naomi King finally got some not wipeing scenes, as she got further invested in Nate’s case. She couldn’t send a innocent man into jail and was trying to find out what was going on behind the scene. The final scene between Michaela and Annalise was really gripping, didn’t see Michaela use the Black card on this one.

Bonnie took up the pace this week and tried to shine as a lawyer. If you remember last week, Hannah dragged Bonnie around the court floor last week and this week started bad as well, as she proclaimed the client as guilty during her opening word. The case was about a nurse raping her patient. She claimed innocent the whole time and after some new evidence rose she was marked guilty by everyone. Bonnie wouldn’t give up on the girl and pushed against all odds.

When the Keating 5 were going against her orders, Bonnie went a bit mental and established her as the dominant persona and gain some respect from her friends. After Connor and Oliver found out that the “rape guy” was gay, Bonnie thought she had an upper hand but the judge didn’t agree putting Bonnie in a bad place. The doubt rose over Bonnie’s head but then she played the game just like her chef would do it.

With Asher’s and Oliver’s help Bonnie discovered that the legal guy from the hospital is dating the “rape guy”. Bonnie did it like a boss getting her client free and embarrassing the lawyer and legal guy in open court. Later as a sign of gradtitude she banged Asher.  As previously stated, Like a Boss!

ICYMI Oliver wanted to get to know Connor’s friends. He was so sweet while trying to not look insecure, I was so happy Connor let him in and introduced him to the crew. Oliver said his drunken I love you, let’s see how Connor will counter it. But how long can this relationship stay stable with this huge secret over Connor’s head?

After Rebecca’s testimony against Nate, Wes couldn’t be calm. He started look more into Ruddy’s disappearance, realized he was taken on the night of Lila’s murder. So with Laurel’s help he visited Ruddy in the sanctuary. Ruddy was completely out of it and just repeated the “Wet” indicating he knows something about the water tank Lila was put in.

The episode ended with Annalise visiting Nate and giving him another lawyer’s number, Rebecca trailing Wes and drunken Oliver telling Connor he loves him. This Thursday the 2 hour season finale of HTGAWM will air and I have no doubt it will be mind-blowing! Lila’s real murder will be revealed and we get another cliffhanger in those closing minutes.


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