Once Upon a Time Review: Quite minds Loud as death


I know I’m really late on this one but with some new obligations I’m really late in the Review department. So back on track I must say “Quite Minds” was an strong emotional episode but a bit over crowded for my taste.

In the Enchanted Forest: We finally see what Belle and Neal were up to after living the main group behind. They were investigating The Dark ones castle in search for clues how to find/review Rumple. Eventually they encoubter Lumiere who was trapped in Rumples castle hiding from everyone. Belle and Neal bagged for Lumiere’s help and found a book with a key for the vault of the dark one. It seemed too easy and Belle and Neal easily fell for the trap Zelena set up for them with Lumierre’s help.

Lumierre brought our heroes to the vault but was caught in a lie but Neal risked it anyway and tossed the faith of all people just to get back to his family, just like Rumple once did when he created the curse.

But it came with a price Neal had to die for Rumple to be resurrected. Rumple once more sacrificed himself and fusioned with Neal so his son could be alive, sort of.

In Storybrooke today: A search action started looking for Rumple and the sudden appearence from Neal shuck things only up more. Neal was devastated after he found out that Henry didn’t remembered him.

And while Emma and Daddy Charmng were searching for Rumple, Hook and Neal had a beautiful “bro” scene confessing their friendship to each other and eventually Hook let Neal escape the Hospital. This was a throw back to the 3×10 episode when Hook stepped away so that Neal could try to work it out with Emma and Henry.

Emma and David eventually found Rumple. But when a Flying Monkey interrupted them Rumple got away. Emma suddenly encountered Neal and started looking for Rumple together. In a beautiful scene featuring Emma and Neal we were thrown back to the chemistry these 2 enjoyed back in season 2 episode Tallahese.

Than the shocking reveal happened Neal and Rumple are in one body. Neal bagged Emma to seperate him from his father but that came with an ultimate price, Neal died. He died in Emma’s hand and the only thing he wished is for Henry to think he is a good father. Neal made the ultimate and let go from this world so Rumple could help the others defeat Zelena. Yes Zelena was revealed as the big big bad.

And than the even bigger heartbreak came, as Emma attempted to explain Henry what happened to Neal. Jennifer Morison once more proved her exellent acting skills and promised to Henry she would find his fathers killer.

ICYMI Robin and Regina came really close to each other. And I must say the writers are brilliant when the play around 2 characters and the sparks flying around my screen were just a delight. But Regina backed of really fast when she saw the Lion tatoo on Robin’s forearm and made a run for her life. Regina even snook up to Robin’s layer and watxhed him play with his son. She is intruiged and I like it. They are a great couple.

Rebecca is getting better and better in playing the wicked witch, Zelena and next weeks episode will be her backstory episode and some major reveals are coming to light. Who is Zelena’s Dad? Who is The Wizard of Oz(I’m sure it’s Walsh)? And many more. I hope I will write the next Review on time.


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