Pretty Little Liars Review: U can’t escApe

eaaa18c7e76446c4c6e92f0b131b64f3After last episode’s shocking reveal, this episode of Pretty Little Liars, titled “Bloody Hell”, dealt with the aftermath. This week we finally got Sasha Pieterse’s Alison back, Spencer left for London and Aria was searching for a way to safe her brother.

As said this episode worked through last weeks reveal, Mona and “A” planting her death on Alison, and that brought ALISON right back into the crossfire. The girls visited Alison in prison and told her all the new information. This started a chain of reaction with “A” sending Alison cryptic and threatening messages. I really missed Alison and I hope she gets more and more scenes as the story progresses towards the finale. 

The speech she gave to Hanna about being so freaking controlish and unable to accept them not following every of her wishes was really well written and Sasha gave those words just enough soul to have the right impact. In other development Alison persuade Veronica Hastings to be part of her legal team.

ARIA was in panic mode and was searching for a way to free Mike, before Alison will name drop him during her trial. I have to say Aria was thinking smart, and looking for Cyrus was a powerful move. To all of our surprise we find Cyrus in burn unit in the local hospital. Cyrus was in a pretty hurt but could give our girls a clue. “Varjack”, apparently “A’s” alias. But that was probably the last thing we saw from Cyrus as “A” visited him in the hospital.

Back at home Aria was searching for a schedule in Mike’s room and fall into the trap “A” laid down for Mike last week. Thankfully Andrew was there to be Aria’s Prince. That led to a kiss between the study buddies and very angry Azria fans.

After visiting Alison in jail, SPENCER was sent to London to find a future away from “A”. But as my review title indicates, you can’t escape “A”. During her interview at Oxford her bag started to drip blood and a well executed panic attack followed. Spencer was out of it and it was just a marvelous portrayal. Along the way she flirted a bit with Wren’s flatmate, Colin. Spencer going for tha boys. Nice one.

EMILY was still someones love interest! The Talia drama continued this week, cause after Emily confronted her about lying to her husband, Eric, he kicked her out. Emily our pure heart invited Talia to stay with her till she wraps her head around what happened to her. This led to more scenes between these two semi-love birds.

During Emily’s (super hot) dance rehearsal’s, Talia stopped by and  they hotties trained a bit together. Emily is so good in picking up people from the ground. After a visit from one of the Pageant people, who question Emily’s good moral for being associated to Alison and the murder case. She practically forced Emily out of the competition and Emily agreed. Talia than took things in her arms and

Hanna was more or less in the background this week, helping Aria and avoiding Alison. But all of that changed when she talked to her mother after she reconciled with Tom. Hanna wasn’t happy Tom was so awful to Ashley but she made it clear that anything else wouldn’t be honest from him. This lead Hanna to Alison and the two of them agreed to start over.

The episode ended with a creepy scene where we saw “A” put dollar bills into the prison Bibles. Weirdo! The story finally started moving forward again and the liars and “A” are on collision course. We are just a couple a weeks away from the season finale and the supposed “A” reveal.


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