The Vampire Diaries Review: The coven comes first


As said in my earlier reviews this season The Vampire Diaries are back on track! After a luckluster repetitive season 5, season 6 returned much stronger. The thing that makes these episodes so good is that they are unpredictable, just like those in season 1,2 and a bit of season 3. This year the stories are funny and pure drama, the characters are developing and delivering new sides of them and the witches finally took central stage.

This week was all about the Gemini coven and how and why they sent Kai into that prison. So let’s break it down piece by piece. First we saw flashbacks of how tormented Kai really was. Chris Wood as Kai is a villain no one can can compare to. The combination of his perfect look combined with those crazy eyes and devious smile is a killer. Literally a killer. We saw Kai trying to hunt down and kill his twin sister Jo and their two little siblings, Olivia and Lucas (you know them under the name Liv and Luke Parker). Why? Cause his parents set him up.

The Gemini coven is always lead by one of the two twins in each generation. At their 22nd birthday a ritual is done where the more powerful Twin absorbs the powers of the weaker one and the weaker dies in the prophecy. With Kai don’t having powers on his own his parents continued to procreate until they got other twins. This throw Kai into a crazy place and he killed his other siblings, but thanks to Jo, he was captured in the Limbo. During the massacre Young Jo stored her powers in a knife and hid them at their family house in Portland. But she convinced Kai that she will do the ritual so he wouldn’t kill the twins.  But with no powers she and Kai couldn’t perform the spell and Joshua, their father used the moment and captured Kai in his prison.

The flashbacks were really powerful and as said Chris Wood did a great job. But present time Kai had a plan of his own as well. After Bonnie’s action last week Kai realized that Jo stored his powers in the knife. So he abducted Bonnie and took her to Portland and their family home. After he obtained the knife he stabbed Bonnie and took away with Jo’s powers and the blood of a Bennett witch. It seems like he only needs her blood for the spell. Seemingly the spell doesn’t need to be performed by a Bennett witch, her blood is the only thing he needs.

Meanwhile in present time Portland, the sexiest road trip in history happened when Alaric, Stefan, Damon and Bear headed to Portland to find out more about the Gemini coven and possibly find the ascendent. The interactions between the boys were hilarious, especially when Alaric and Damon were trying to convince Stefan that Caroline was the right girl for him.

But quickly drama happened when Joshua Parker (Lipstick Jungle’s Christopher Coussin), the father of Jo,Kai,Liv and Luke, appeared and started to investigate Damon about his adventures with Kai. Joshua couldn’t allow for Kai to return and conduct the ritual with Jo so he started to cast a spell to kill his daughter. Thankfully to Stefan and Alaric Joshua was stopped and revealed that Jo has the ascendent.

But that wasn’t it, after all this drama the emotional resolution had to follow. For me the best part were certainly Steroline but Lyler stole the show under their wings. After the story got broken down Liv got sad and drunk and started to fall apart. But Tyler was there he didn’t back down and was completely there for Liv. He even promised to take her to Mystic Falls where no one can touch her and if they want her they need to go through her. Kudos to Penelope Mitchell for her raw, sincere and sarcastic emotions, great performance.

Stefan finally graveled to Caroline’s knees. Yes after being shout out of the Friendsgiving dinner and smacked by the boys for not dating Caroline, Stefan realized her needs to make a step towards Caroline. He explained why he pushed her so far away and it was nice to see them go somewhere. The googly eye moments were just so sweet. I’m a bit frustrated with it taking so long but I think it will pay off at the end.

The Delena drama was almost non excistent as Elena’s prime focus this week was Liam. With all the Gemini coven story and Elena healing Jo with her blood, Elena had to confess Liam she was a Vamp. She realized she couldn’t drag him into her drama world and let him go. Later Elena and Damon shared a special moment where they agreed that they need to join forces and save Bonnie.

The episode ended with Bonnie waking up from her wounded state and realizing Kai left her in Portland. Exciting! Next week Kai will return to our time, while Team Mystic Falls will try to bring Bonnie back.


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