Quick Recap: Gotham 1×16, 1×17 and 1×18

After the huge disappointment that the last couple of Gotham episodes were, I decided to stop reviewing the show and instead write Quick recaps for the last couple of episodes.

maxresdefaultGotham 1×16 – The Blind Fortuneteller 

– This episode started with Jim and Leslie on a date watching a circus show. The show quickly turned into a brawl. Jim interfered and started a little investigation with Leslie. They quickly found out that they were fighting over a woman, named Lyla.

– Lyla was a snake dancer and Jim went to talk with her son Jerome, played by Cameron Monaghan. After they released Lyla’s snake, the reptile let them to Lyla’s dead body. Quickly the murder case become the central case of another Gotham filler episode. The autopsy conducted on Lyla took the prime suspects, a couple of Lyla’s lovers, out of the running.

– The arrival of the Blind fortuneteller started to stare up conflict between Jim and Leslie. Jim didn’t believe her but Leslie on the other hand was a believer. Leslie got overly enthusiastic over her new job and enjoyed sharing it with Jim while he wanted them to spend just some quality time. But Jim was man enough to say he is sorry and solve the case on his own.

– Jim realized the Fortuneteller was just setting them up to cover up the real killer, his son Jerome. Jerome appears to be an easter egg, for the Joker, Batman’s biggest villain. After Jim confronted them, Jerome revealed his real devious, psychotic face and his real thoughts. Cameron’s performance was brilliant no words but this wasn’t really the place or time for hinting the Joker to us.

– Barbara meanwhile came back to Gotham and found Ivy and Selina living in her apartment. The 3 quickly become besties when Ivy and Selina commented on Barbara’s getting Jim back outfits. But Barbara’s hopes turned into dust when she saw Jim and Leslie share a kiss at the police station, after revealing the killer.

– Bruce asked Alfred to call up a Board meeting. It was funny to see little Bruce try to play with the big sharks and enter the dangerous waters. Of course the Board didn’t take Bruce seriously but he hit some of their nerves putting a mark on his back.

– Fish continued her reign in the wet dungeon and started a well layered plan to regain control of her life. Fish is a top negotiator and the way she pushed her captors into a corner was brilliant. She had demands and in case they weren’t fulfilled they would kill each person their captors needed. Quickly Fish’s wishes were granted and she was taken to talk to the major players of the prison. Meanwhile PENGUIN’s new opened club was flopping all over the place, so Falcon assigned Butch, Fish’s best man, to help him run the club.

1BMWgmfGotham 1×17 – Red Hood

– Another week, another filler episode delivered by Gotham. Red Hood featured the appearance of DC Comic Book royalty aka the Red Hood and the Red Hood gang. In the comics the Red Hood is connected to the Joker and other big characters, and this episode seemed some sort of an origin story to this tale. The story was fine but it really wasn’t the place to be told as there are bigger stories to be told at this point.

– The red hood story starts with a gang robbing a bank, when one of their members decides to wear a red hood instead of a black one, like his fellow gang members. The guy started acting out during the robbery and while escaping the bank shared money with the people of Gotham so they could escape the crime scene. This cockiness later cost him his life as their leader couldn’t bare his smug attitude and killed him while counting the money.

– Later the leader took the red hood and the smug attitude transferred to him as well, which translated into him putting up a show during the next robbery. After an eye-witness appeared Jim and Bullock found the leader but decided not to arrest him and play it smart instead, by trailing him and finding the other crew members.

– Jim and Bullock were right in their suspicion that the gang members will go after each other and found the leader in a pile of blood. But they also found a clue about the gangs next target, Jim and Bullock set up a trap and killed the entire Red Hood Gang, but the hood survived and in the closing moments of the episode we could see a young man pick it up and the “attitude” take him over.

– Probably the most interesting part of this episode was about the new arrival at Wayne manor. One of Alfred’s army bodies, Reggie, appeared at their doorstep asking for shelter. It was quite intriguing to see some background and darker part of Alfred. Reggie even practiced a bit with Bruce. Things were quite fine till a couple glasses of vine were spilled and Reggie revealed those darker parts to Alfred. So Alfred decided to chase Reggie out of the manor, but Reggie couldn’t leave without giving Alfred a gift. A knife into his belly, cause Reggie was sent by Wayne Enterprises Board to afflict damage on Bruce for his action from the previous episode. These events led to a reconciliation between Bruce and Jim, who ran to be by his friends side.

– Fish meanwhile continued her dominance, even outside of the prison as she met Dr Dulmacher (Doolmaker) assistant who tried to negotiate with him. Fish didn’t even think of talking to anyone who isn’t in command so she let them spoil her with some massages, showers and stuff. When she saw that she wasn’t being taken seriously she took a spoon and pulled out her left eye.

– Oswald’s club didn’t work any better in this episode and Butch’s presence wasn’t helping him at all. More issues were raising as Maroni cut of the liquor for the club and Oswald had to start being more inovative. He planned a cue with some of his thugs but eventually didn’t need them as Butch started a fake raid obtaining the liquor that the club needed. At the end Oswald and Butch formed some sort of alliance but we’ll see how long it will last. .

– In a sea of non sense moves, the biggest issue probably is within the Barbara-Selina connection. This week Barbara thought Selina a couple of lessons about Beauty. Selina certainly wasn’t receptive to Barabara’s advice and they left things at odds.

gotham-1x18-9-125304Gotham 1×18 – Everyone has a Cobblepot

– After a bunch of filler episodes, the 18th episode of season one had some solid moments and finally we picked up on some forgotten stories. This week thinks started to heat up when Arnold Flass was released from all the charges. Jim went mental right away and after finding out Commissioner Loeb had his dirty fingers meddle with the release. Jim confronted Loeb about it and was stunned to find out Bullock helped free Flass.

– Jim right away confronted Bullock and it was revealed that Loeb has a Cobblepot on almost every member of the GCPD and pressured Bullock into making a false statement. So after meeting with Harvey Dent (guest star Nicholas D’Agosto), the two of them realized that Loeb has to have a Cobblepot in his closet as well. They went after Loeb’s ex partner, who than sent them to the Chinaese quarter to find Xi Lu. It was a bit to later when they realized it was a set up, thankfully Harley stalked them and saved from a sure death.

– Later Harley and Jim revisited Loeb’s ex-partner and found out that Loeb and Falcon are in together in all of this. Jim was in this for the long run and didn’t accept to drop this case. He and Harley sought out Cobblepot who for a no disclosure favor from Jim agreed to help. Cobblepot led them to a mysterious house with an old couple and Loeb’s daughter in it. Jim quickly realized that Miriam Loeb was the one to kill Loeb’s wife 20 years ago. Jim wanted to use this information to get all the stuff Loeb had on the GCPD officers. Loeb wasn’t stupid enough to do this cause by doing it he would sign his death sentence but he offered Harley’s file instead. Jim wouldn’t let it go this easy so he asked for Loeb’s support for the GCPD Union leader. A small win for detective Jim Gordon.

– Fish finally met the Puppetmaster of facility she is held in, dr Francis Dullmacher. It was an intense meeting and Fish was there to do whatever it takes to take charge of the fascillity. So after some tough negotiations and the reveal that the facility is a “beauty” hospital. Wealthy people come there for illegal kidneys, faces and other stuff. Fish went back to the prison proved her dominance and took her position as Dulmacher’s right hand. In the end it was revealed that the facillity is on a deserted island on the coast of Europe.

– The attack on Alfred from episode 17 started quite the turmoil within Bruce as he realized that his action were the starting point for this development. He shared his thoughts with Selina who stopped by to see what happened. Their shared scene was brilliant I love them together.

– At this point we have 4 eps left in Gotham’s first season and the show is going on a 5 week break till April 13th.


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