Once Upon A Time Review: Queens of Poor Happy Endings

once-upon-a-time-promo-darkness-on-the-edge-of-townAfter a long long, 2 and a half month-long, break, Once Upon A Time returned. The show completely came back from the slightly underwhelming winter finale. “Darkness on the edge of Town” was a really entertaining episodes filled with great one liners, intriguing secrets and some lovey dove Captain Swan moments.
This weeks flashbacks showed us how the Queens of Darkness, Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella, met at Maleficent’s castle. The 3 shared some well-balanced chemistry, not to pushy not to overwhelming, just enough to be intrigued what happened to them after Rumple introduced them to each other. Rumple needed them to obtain the Dark Curse that the Evil Queen aka Regina used later on. He needed them to do the dirty work so the Chernobog would go after them and not him.
The Chernobog was the curse’s keeper and after Rumple tricked the Queens went after them. The Chernobog’s ability is to find the one with the most appeal to the darkness and rip it apart. Maleficent turned out to be the Chernobog’s target but with the help of Ursula and Cruella she escaped the monster. This is the moment where the 3 Queens formed a bond and started bonding together. Rumple being so secretive about their form of Happy Endings and made me eager to see from which place of pain these 3 are coming and where they are headed.
Kristen van Bauer did an excellent job as Maleficent, which does have many similarities with her True Blood character, but still she delivered that lines like no one else could. Maleficent got the most focus in the flashbacks as she didn’t get a present time appearance this week. Cruella’s power was interesting as she was able to make animals do whatever she wishes, can she do that people? Ursula was fine as well but much more interesting in her present time scenes.

Meanwhile in present time we were introduced in a drama free Storybrooke. It was quite the change and a bit refreshing to see the main characters continue their ordinary lives and struggle with ordinary stuff. Hook and Belle shared a nice scene in the library where they searched for a way to bring back the Fairies. Hook’s guilt and Belle’s broken heart completed each other in a beautiful way sharing their internal struggle. Hook’s comforting line just nailed it.

As big a bastard as he was, he did love you.

I enjoyed a guilt ridden Hook, he was driven by his guilt and his need to be a better man for Emma. These two where on their way to 7th Heaven and it was so sweet to watch them together. Besides spending time with Hook, Emma continued to assist Regina in her search for a happy ending aka The Author. Their search got a little boost after Belle and Hook find a way to release the fairies. Blue shared with Emma, Regina and Henry that she heard about the Author and Sorcerer but that she didn’t meet either, insinuating she doesn’t know if their male or female. And just upon revealing this information the Chernobog attacked Storybrooke. The spell that brought back the Fairies, freed the Chernobog out of the hat as well.

Emma and Regina tried to blast it away but weren’t successful in their intent. Than magically Ursula called Regina and informed her about the Chernobog’s ability. Regina went in full panic mode but Emma calmed her down and promised she would help her. They defeated the Chernobog by sending him over the boarder and as a thank you gave Ursula and Cruella the SQ scroll to enter Storybrooke. Damn girls what a stupid move, not everyone deserves a chance for redemption.

Ursula and Cruella were at a bad place when Rumple picked them up, but his tale of a possible happy ending persuade them to once more join the forces of evil. The two Queens after settling down threw the scroll over the border letting the Dark One back into town. I was stunned when Rumple revealed himself as the professor who sent Belle the spell who let the fairies and Chernobog out. I look forward to see the Queens infiltrate Storybrooke and Rumple pull the threads behind the curtains.

The episode closed out with two big announcements that the Chernobog was after Emma and not Regina and that the Charming have a dark dark secret that made them and the Queens hate each other. OUAT entered its second half of season 4 in great fashion and next week should be just as funny as Maleficent is getting revived and the big Charming secret revealed in the process.


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