Arrow Review: Save our Soul

Arrow-S3x15-b“Nanda Parbat” was announced as an episode that would change completely change the dynamics within our Arrowverse and I had different scenarios in my head about what would happened but Ra’s Al Ghul offering Oliver Queen to become his heir was certainly not one of them. So lets see how we ended up at Nanda Parbat and Ra’s offer.

Once more the star of the episode was THEA Queen Merlyn. I’m stunt by the determination and amount of growth we witness with her character every week. Thea grew up in such a beautiful way, developing a sense of right that completely differs from Oliver’s or anyone else on the show. She couldn’t take the guilt, the feeling of betraying both Sara and Laurel for her greater good. After Thea shared a heart to heart talk with ROY and he confessed killing that cop back in “Seeing Red”, Thea decided to make a really brave move. She went up to Laurel’s office and in a really emotional and well acted scene confessed to Laurel she killed her sister. I was even more stunt by Laurel’s reaction. Laurel saw the innocence behind Thea’s words and encouraged her that if she really isn’t guilty she has to make the right decision from this point up.

From the moment Oliver died LAUREL’s transformation started and I’m enjoying every step on the way. After Thea’s confession she sought out Oliver and played him so well that I wanted her to stick another sword into his belly. When she called him out on his lie, I couldn’t feel more excited. I’m glad she put him in his place and shuck up his golden cage he trapped himself in. Further along Laurel had to follow her own gut and sought out Malcolm facing him in a battle. No matter how much I enjoy Laurel’s development giving her any chance against Malcolm would’ve been silly so I’m glad she got her ass kicked and was pushed to the limit of pulling out a gun on Malcolm. She couldn’t step away from the pain but I enjoyed the LoA step in just when she was about to shot him. Thea was the one who alerted the LoA about Malcolm being Sara’s killer

Nyssa came stole the scene from Laurel and was about to take Malcolm to Nanda Parbat. Of course Oliver interfered as he couldn’t let Thea have any part in her father’s death, he wasn’t able to stop the LoA from taking Malcolm but overpowered Nyssa and brought her to the Arrow cave. Nyssa quickly gave up Nanda Parbat’s location and Oliver was preparing for the trip, while everyone was screaming him not to go there. How could he help Thea when he would die during the mission? Cause it was obviously a suicide mission.

DIGGLE and Lyla shared a beautiful scene here, where she told him to do what his heart tells him cause if he would let Oliver go the guilt of his possible demise would kill him. I was surprised Lyla encouraged him to go on this suicide mission but she knew her future husband enough to not let him do this to himself again. I also like how insightful Dig was in his relation with Oliver and how he saw that there was one more motive behind his trip than just saving Thea’s soul. The Malcolm rescue mission was quite thrilling but it was dumb how easily they fell into Ra’s trap.

I’m starting to worry how much time Oliver needs to wake up from unconsciousness, last week Thea woke up before him and this week Diggle. During their brief intrapment scene Oliver and Dig opened up to each other and Oliver confessed how shaken up he was about Ra’s existence. Everytime he closed his eyes Oliver was remembering his fall and Ra’s dominance over him. His trip to Nanda Parbat was much more that a rescue mission he wanted to test himself once more but before he had to face Ra’s one more time, Dig used their alone time to ask Oliver to be his best man. Great scene! 

And now we came to THAT scene. Ra’s asking Oliver to become the next Ra’s to become his air.

Ra’s al Ghul: You tasted death and you wanted more, but the truth is everyone and everything must come to an end. Even for one such as me.
Oliver: Kill me, but spare John Diggle’s life. Let him go. I will beg for it.
Ra’s al Ghul: You have shown tremendous strength, fortitude, power. No, Mr. Queen. I don’t want to kill you. I want you to take my place. I want you to become the next Ra’s al Ghul.

The screen fades black and my jaw was on the floor for another ten minutes. As mentioned in my previous review, the question of Identity is raising once more and it will have a huge impact throughout the remaining 8 episodes.

Also quite enjoyable were Malcolm’s scenes throughout the episode, besides his scene with Laurel and Nyssa, I adored him squirming for Ra’s forgiveness. But this Ra’s is quite merciless and Matt Nable did a solid job in portraying Ra’s cold heart approach.

NYSSA had also great moments throughout the episode and the solid wall that she build up around herself started to crumble since Sara’s death. The scene with featuring her and Laurel was so emotional and the story how she fell in love with Sara, who laughed at Ra’s immanence cruelty was just so sincere and truthful to Sara’s character. But the biggest shocker involving Nyssa was seeing a guilt ridden Thea confess her guilt in Sara’s death to the hurt lover. Thea opened Nyssa’s cage and gave her the oppurtunity to act out on her revenge. Lets see how this will resolve in the next episode.

Last but not least there is our tech girl FELICITY to deliver another shocking development. Felicity slept with Ray, I’m not a fan of the pairing but saw that they were heading to this but I think them hooking up is just a mean to push Oliver further away from Team Arrow and closer to the LoA. After Ray went missing for 7 days, while working on his ATOM suit, Felicity got worried and sought him out. She looked him out of his computers and forced him to rest, shower and take a nap. After exiting the shower all hot and natural, Felicity couldn’t restrain herself anymore and jumped his bones. This moment of relaxation and ecstasy cleared Ray’s mind and gave him the final idea to finish his warrior suit. By the end of the episode we see him take a flight with it.

With all these events happening in this episode of Arrow, I really have no clue where the final 8 episodes will take us. The producers promised that Oliver’s death would be the least shocking development of season 3B and looking at it from this distance they certainly kept their promise. Arrow returns on March 18th with an episode titled The Offer, can’t wrap my head around what it is about.


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