Once Upon A Time Review: Choose to see the Best in U

maxresdefault“Unforgiven” was a really strange episode Once upon a Time episode! The episode started really slow but towards the end it gathered great momentum making this an episode not to be missed.

In the Enchanted Forest of the past, The Queens of Darkness sought out Snow and Charming and asked them for help in stopping Regina from casting the Dark curse. Maleficent explained the existence of a Tree of Wisdom that will tell any 2 true heroes the answer that they seek. Out of their desperation Snow and Charming agreed to follow them and the road was rocky as hell.

After Maleficent killed a couple of guardians, Snow and Charming realized they couldn’t work with them and to continue the quest alone. At the tree they were repealed and Maleficent realized it was cause of Snow’s pregnancy. Mal revealed that Snow was pregnant and that their child has an immense tendency to become evil.

Later Maleficent sought out Snow again and confessed that she is also pregnant. Mal wanted to combine forces with Snow to prevent Regina from casting the curse, but Snow rejected the offer cause she couldn’t do evil things  and sentence her future child to darkness. It was a really powerful scene that led up to a present time scene between Regina and Snow that was earthshaking, but a bit later on that.

Meanwhile in PRESENT TIME Storybrooke Snow and David started to panic about the possibility of Ursula and Cruella bringing back Maleficent. They started following them, lying to Emma and trying to prevent Maleficent’s ressurrection. The only thing they didn’t knew was that the duo and Rumple were playing them all the time. Urusla and Cruella stole box from Gold’s store, now managed by Belle, and led Snow and David directly into their trap. Rumple cast a spell over Maleficent’s ashes and the only thing they needed to bring back the dragon was the blood of the people who wronged Maleficent the most.

The Charmings intended to take Maleficent’s remains over the border but were knocked out by Urusla’s tentacles and just moments later Maleficent was standing alive in front of the two heroes. Maleficent was so strong in her proclamation that she doesn’t care about anything else than the Charmings pain and I look forward to see how she intends to inflict the damage.

The episode concluded with the great scene between Snow and Regina, I already mentioned earlier. In her desperation Snow sought out Regina and asked her for help. Snow informed Regina about Emma’s potential for evil, Maleficent’s comeback and the revenge the Queens want to conduct over her family. Snow asked Regina to go and seek out the Queens, pretend to be their friend and find out what they want. Regina agreed but just after Snow explained that she and Charming are guilty of separating Maleficent from her child.

Before Regina shared this amazing scene with Snow, she continued their search for The Author. Henry was still helping and gave Regina a nice clue about where to continue their search. August aka adult Pinocchio added his story to the book and so his younger version was one of the rare clues Regina and co had on their quest. So she invited Geppetto/Marco and Pinocchio to the mayor office to talk to them and this led to a fierce fight between Marco and Regina. Regina was frustrated and needed answers so she came of to strong on little Pinocchio and Marco wouldn’t allow her to talk to his son that way. Later Regina sought out Marco and asked for forgiveness. It was a really a warm moment between them and Regina showing once more that her road of redemption isn’t over yet.

Emma and Hook encountered their first emotional roadblock in their relationship after he didn’t share his history with Ursula. Emma started to get suspicious and Hook wasn’t in sharing mood as he was to ashamed of his action. By the end of the episode we didn’t found out what happened between Hook and Ursula (but we are just 2 eps away from finding out), but  Emma told Hook it was okay if he didn’t tell him and she’ll wait till he be ready to do so. Emma’s speech about seeing the always the worst in people was really moving, and her faith in her parents is really enlightening. Quite understandable why the Charmings backout from telling Emma the truth.

One of the more stunning reveals of the night was that Belle started dating again and none other than Will Scarlet. Rumple saw them lip lock and it hit him quite hard. It will be interesting to see how he will cop with the fact that she possibly moved on.

Scene stealer of the Week: Cruela! Her lines are always so great and Victoria Smurfit delivers every single one of them. Can’t wait to see more of her and find out what her happy ending is.

The final scene of the episode featured Maleficent, she looked over Storybrooke and connected the totem, Ursula and Cruella earlier stole from Gold’s shop, to an omament on her necklace forming a Baby rattle. Maleficent shuck the rattle and let a tear fall down her cheek, making me look even more forward to this Sunday’s Maleficent backstory centric episode.


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