Pretty Little Liars Review: A pleA made in Hell

pll-522-e1425400591870Things finally started to heat up in the PLL-verse as “A” stopped kidding around and is going after our girls, as by the end of this episode Hanna was Alison’s jail mate. Yeah after some push and pull during episode 22 of season 5, Plea or Not to Plea Hanna ended up in jail.

Alison got a plea offered, if she confesses to have killed Mona and her accomplice she gets 15 years, possibly out in 10. Alison was completely against it cause she was innocent. “A” wasn’t really happy with Alison’s decision and went after her, setting up a trap in jail. This forced Alison to take the plea or at least she intended to. But after Hanna got arrested she backed away from it.

Meanwhile the ground under HANNA’s feet started burning as the prosecutor and Tanner were going after her cause of the barrel. This new situation forced Hanna to finally be honest with Ashley, at least about the Mona’s case and somebody framing her and Alison. It was nice to see mother and daughter bond over this situation. Will be interesting to see Ashley handle this new information.

Afterwards Caleb confronted Toby (off screen) about what was going on, he stormed to Hanna’s house after he found out a warrant was given out for Hanna. During an intense discussion Caleb convinced Hanna to come clean with the police and use the “A” texts as evidence. But once more she was outsmarted as “A” hacked all of their phones and erased all her messages.

ICYMI The reason for Hanna’s arrest was that Tanner found the clothes Mona was wearing, and they had Hanna’s blood on them.

Suddenly the lawyer, James Neilan, that appeared in the spring premier was on the take down list. As there was a Holly Varjack passport in package he gave to the girls and was compelling evidence against Alison. So Ezra, EMILY and ARIA started a mission to take the lawyer down aka track him down. Ezra went to visit Neilan and pushed his buttons a bit forcing him to make some careless moves.

While following Neilan, they reached a huge property but after a text from Andrew confused Aria and Ezra only Emily went pass the huge fence. On the property Emily found a pizza receipt with the username Varjack and a phone number on it, realizing that this is probably Varjack’s house. In the meantime Neilan took some evidence and left the property.

Emily made a lucky call with that number and we’ll found out next week who answered the call. Aria later broke up with Ezra, telling him she wants to be single when she departs for college. Seems like they are writing an exit story for Ezra this season, don’t see him sticking around after this..

SPENCER continued her stay in London this week. And of course she spent time with the overly charming Colin and they visited a play in London. I don’t know if it’s PLL paranoia but Colin smells like an “A” agent. Cause how could Spencer drag that blood over customs? Someone had to plant them in her bag, prior to the interview in last weeks episode.

No matter my suspicions Colin and Spencer had a great time together, which concluded with a really sweet kiss (those Liars have a kissing fetish). Besides that Spencer and Melissa shared some intriguing scenes speaking about Melissa’s secret, we still aren’t let in. This story should come to an end, we are dragging it to long.

We are just 2 more episodes away from the Big Finale ReveAl and things certainly look promising for us and that some REAL answers are on the horizon for us fans.


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