The100 Review: No peace without casualties


Watching an episode of The100 is like a roller coaster, it has slow moments, fun moments, thrilling moments, so many “Ohhh nooooooooo way” moments and even though you know it’ll end eventually you don’t know where you end up. “Ye Who Enter Here”  was no exception to this, the 3rd episode of the season slowly build up momentum and ended in unfamiliar territory.

After the events of last week I was really intrigued to see how things will unfold. I certainly didn’t expect Lexa to enter season 3 this soon, but you can’t stall. The world is prepping for a war and you can’t go there without the leader of the Grounder clans. And while everything was indicating this encounter of between Lexa and Clarke will end up bloody it didn’t. While Roan and Lexa’s advisor suggested to both Clarke and Lexa  to get rid of their enemy, the leaders found a different way to make the situation work. The thing about Clarke and Lexa moments they are filled with so much energy, the show build them up as so powerful females that you just get captivated in their scenes. The moment Clarke put a knife up Lexa’s throat was filled with so much lust, tension, animosity and love that you would need a tomahawk to cut through it. 

Clarke’s decision to not kill Lexa was pure Clarke, cause it was smart. Killing Lexa would give the Ice Nation the overhand, practically signing Sky Crew’s death sentence and not to mention Clarke is all about not increasing her body count. Meanwhile Clarke agreed to make the Sky people the 13th Grounder clan and the upcoming summit was the perfect opportunity for it. But a bit later on that.

Meanwhile we witnessed some great Kabby scenes. Abby and Kane such a great couple, they play off so well against each other making this. Them traveling to Polis was such a sweet ride and this new open-minded Kane is really a force to watch. Now the bitter power-hungry animal is gone and the man we saw back on the Arc interact with his mother. Him accepting weird Grounder food makes him a hero in my eyes to be honest. Abby eventually letting Kane be marked with the Grounders mark was a really sweet moment.

And while Kabby and Clexa plot were in the front, in the background a nice subplot rose that would blow over the previously mentioned plots. I’m talking about the Farm Station people moving into Mount Weather. A bit down the road Sky Crew guards found Echo looming in the wounds. ICYY Forgot Echo was the Grounder stored in the cage next to Bellamy’s during the last season. Echo comes with bad news, an Assassin was prepped to ruin the summit and make any piece not an option. Octavia, Bellamy and Pike join Echo and head toward Polis to warn everyone. 

Of course this is a major decoy, cause yes there was an Assassin but he wasn’t going to ruin the summit he intended to destroy Mount Weather. The Assassin entered an unguarded Mount Weather, killed Bellamy’s new girlfriend and blew Mount Weather and the 30 farm Station people into pieces. Only Raven and Sinclair got out on time. Lindsey Morgan as Raven is such a great addition to the show Her emotional display during the final moments of Mount Weather were on point perfect. Not to mention what a brilliant game changer killing Bellamy’s girlfriend and the Farm Station people is.

The summit was a great scene, Clarke all Grounder dolled up, the Grounder anthem in the background and Bellamy and Pike killing some Grounders for. And just when everything seemed perfect at the summit Bellamy, Octavia and Pike stormed the meeting with treats about the Ice Nation’s Assassin just to realize Echo fooled them. Only seconds later Raven informs Bellamy over the walkies that Mount Weather is blown up. And while Abby, Kane, Bellamy, Octavia and Pike decided to check on their people Clarke decided to stay at Polis as an Ambassador of the Skaikru. The pneultimate scene of the episode featured Lexa bowing in front Clarke promising things will be different this time around. Yeah I don’t see that happening. 

But the real mindblow came in the last scene where we see Echo joining her marvelous Queen Nia, in great costume played by the amazing Brenda Strong, saying Mount Weather is history. The even bigger surprise was seeing Emerson by their side making us all realize he was the one who gave the Ice Nation the self-destruction codes. The 100 delivered an episode like no other before and after thinking they can’t shock you anymore. Next episode it too far away.  



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