Marvel’s Agent Carter Review: Chapter Closed

Agent Carter finished her short 8 episode season 1 run with 2 extraordinary episodes that really make me hope that the show will get another shot and cause they told a beautiful story about a beautiful and strong woman.

PwRPRz7Episode 7, titled “SNAFU”, picked up right where episode 6 ended with Peggy being interrogated by Sousa, Thompson and Dooley. The scene was so well written and executed, Peggy standing up for her believes while the 3 agents tried to undermine every string of hope she was holding on to.

Things seemed to have quickly changed into Peggy’s favor, when Jarvis appeared at the SSR with a signed confession by Howard Stark. Jarvis negotiated the terms with Dooley and everything was set up for him to take Peggy to safety, they only needed Howard to appear and turn himself in. Jarvis tricked Dooley and the others easily, but Peggy realized something was off and pulled a confession out of Jarvis that he faked Howard’s signature. The chemistry between Peggy and Jarvis was just so on point. His awkwardness and her seriousness overlap in such a nice way making their interaction so enjoyable to watch.

When Peggy saw Ivchenko communicate with Dotty via Morse code, she stepped up and cane clean about everything to Dooley, Thompson and Sousa. The sincere tone of desperation in Peggy’s voice during her confession was so heartbreaking and her given Steven’s blood to the others was that desperate move that turned the others to her side. Still Dooley wasn’t sure about Peggy so he sent Sousa and Thompson to check out if Dotty was really in the other building.

Over the course of the season I certainly started to appreciate the moments Thompson and Sousa share. They completely different types of men but still have a way to pull out the best of each other. During their search Sousa was the one to encounter Dotty and looking at his hendicap it was obvious he hadn’t much chance against her. The way Dotty escaped that building was really impressive and kudos to Bridget Regan (and her stunt double) for pulling that off. Dotty and Ivochenko later escaped and set their ultimate plan into motion.

But before escaping Ivochenko set up a chain of events that would turn out as a dead sentence for Chief Dooley. Ivochenk used the acquired knowledge about Dooley’s family problems to hypnotize him and acquire the Stark Invention he came for. Dooley looked up Peggy and Jarvis, gave Ivochenko invention number 17 and put on a security west that was slowly heating up. The SSR scientists tried to do something but Stark created a to great invention and where unable to safe the chief. In a moment of pure heroism Dooley jumped out of the window and the west exploded taking his life.

The episode concluded with Dotty setting up the invention at a theater and released a gas that made the people express unbelievable agrression making every single visitor go mad and kill each other till all of them were dead.

tumblr_njzzjgHgNa1tbr62eo4_500“Valediction” was an action packed and emotional season finale, that gave us just the right amount of answers and set up just enough small questions that would keep us looking forward to a possible season 2 of Agent Carter.

The episode picked up at the theater where the massacre from episode 7 happened. Peggy, Thompson and Sousa investigated the crime scene and after Sousa inhalated the smoke, later revealed as Midnight oil, the team realized what kind of dangerous weapon was in Ivchenko’s hands. Loved the small banter between Sousa and Thompson just fitting to the bromance they’ve build .

Things quickly changed when Howard Stark arrived at the SSR trying to redeem himself for the chaos that he brought to the city. Howard explained what happened in Finhow, when his new invention Midnight oil, which should-be used to help soldiers go through nights. Ivochenko was revealed to be Johann Fennhoff who was working for Leviathan and who wanted revenge on Stark for killing all those people in Finhow. Howard offered himself as a bait and Dotty and Ivochenko once more outsmart the SSR and were able to abduct Stark.

But Ivochenko didn’t want Howard death he wanted him to suffer, destroy his reputation and he had the perfect plan to do so. Ivochenko used Howard’s guilt and his hypnosis skills and created a story in Howard’s head how Captain America is alive and sent him on a “rescue” mission. Instead of rescuing CA, Howard was about to let Midnight oil harm innocent people during a gathering at Time Square. 

Jarvis boarded another plan as a safety bat if Peggy doesn’t talk Howard out of the hypnosis. But Peggy’s road to the radio was quite tough. The fighting scene between Peggy and Dotty was so good, great coordination, really intense and the girls looked awesome while doing it. After she threw Dotty out of a window, Peggy tried her best to wake Howard up from the hypnosis and it was another heartbreaking moment.

Sousa in the meantime took out Ivochenko, while Dotty’s body was missing. The next day at the SSR, Thompson got a promoted and Peggy and Sousa shared a romantic moment after she once more proved what an independent woman she is.

I don’t need a congressional honor. I don’t need Agent Thompson’s approval or the President’s. I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter

You have to love Peggy for her independance and that is really what this show is about. A strong woman whose love doesn’t make her week, instead it gives her the strength to be that woman and fight for what she believes in. Agreeing to eventually go on a coffee with Sousa was a nice hint of a possible romance between them. .

img_une_17246_review-agent-carter-1x08-valedictionBut this isn’t where the season ended. After Peggy and Angie moved into one of Howard’s houses, Jarvis gave Peggy that last vial containing Steven’s blood. Peggy than went to a bridge and poured the blood into the river saying goodbye to the love she had for Steven letting her move on from this point of her life.

ICYMI As a threat for all SHIELD, Captain America: The First Avenger and Winter Soldier fans, we saw with whom Ivochenko was sharing his cell, it was no other Arnim Zola, played by Toby Jones, Red Skull’s assistant and the guy who incorporated Hydra into SHIELD as CA: Winter Soldier explained. Nice tease for a possible 2nd Season.


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