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Epic is a town on Earth with Team Arrow! It’s unbelievable on how many levels Arrow’s season 2 final delivered. So let’s go step by step.

The episode continues where “City of Blood” left of with Ollie, Felicity and Diggle watching over freshly injected Mirakuru antidote Roy. But the Sladers, Slade’s mirakuru warriors, found them at the clock tower and forced them to escape. Before escaping Roy woke up and tried to face a Slader but lost his powers.

Team Arrow plus Lyla escaped to the new secret layer just to encounter Canary, Nyssa and her League of Assasins army. Before that Nyssa neutralized Laurel for who knows what reason. After some uprising differences the newly formed alliances went to Queen Corp where Team Slade is apparently gathering. Filled with antidote arrows they bust the building and face Slade and the Ravanger. Slade succeeded to escape but Ravanger fall t the hands of 2 powerful fighters, Nyssa and Canary. Oliver prevented them from killing her but Nyssa wasn’t there t show mercy and broke her neck ASAP, completely against Oliver’s wishes.

And if Oliver hadn’t enough on his mind he had a new dillemma on his mind. Laurel was taken by Slade while the Sladers went into a tunnel leading out of the city. Oliver didn’t knew who to safe and how to safe? He was struggling with his promise not to kill anymore, but that is not the definition of a hero for me. A Hero does what is best for the Greater Good deal wth the responsability. It was a bit odd that Oliver intended to leave Laurel to die but I believe Laurel would understand it. It’s 1 compare to he lives of hundreds and more.

Either way he took Felicity to the mansion so Slade couldn’t hurt her. But she wanted to be with him, she felt save with him. And than it happened! The 3 big words: I Love You! It’s funny it always seemed so unthinkable for these 2 but Oliver broke it and confessed his love to Felicity. #Olicity bomb. Sadly the bomb backfired into the fans, but a bit later on that.

In an epic face Team Arrow vs the Sladers in the tunnel. The war/battle was shown of really amazing. Team Arrow prevailed and neutralized all the Sladers, even Quentin got to stab 1 with an arrow and save Nyssa’s live along. But than another game-changer happened. Slade calls Oliver and thretening to kill his love. And even though Oliver thought he had Slade fooled and Laurel by his side, Slade succeeded in abducting Felicity as well. Boooom (ICYMI the commercials are killing me).

Upon reaching Slade’s hideout, Oliver destroyed a bunch of Olicity fans hearts. The Olicity at the mansion was a pure diversion. Oliver knew Slade was watching over him and Felicity had an antidote with her and used it just in the right moment. Booooooom! Slade was just an ordinary human again.

An fight till death erupted between Oliver and Slade taking us back and forth between present time and the island flashbacks. And in both casses Oliver prevailed.

Back at the train station Thea did shot Merlyn(he is wearing Klover so he survived, no clue what it is but just ride with it) but he was happy about it, she was showing sthrenght and that proves her to be his rightful daughter. Then Thea got a call from Roy and rushed to meet him at his place. After they talked Thea was ready to walk away with him but he joined Team Arrow just for one more mission. But Thea couldn’t stay calm and went all over Roy’s place and found arrows and a bow confirming his connection to the Arrow.

And while all hell was breaking lose in the city Diggle and Lyla busted into ARGUS and started freeing the prisoners(season 3 backlash). And just before Amanda unleashed a drone on Starling city, Deathstroke, Lyal(who is apparently pregnant) and Diggle busted her office. Oliver eventually arrived and stopped Amanda from detonating the drone.

ICYMI The flashbacks showed us how Sara got separated from Oliver and how Oliver took Slade’s eye.

In the final moments of season 2 we witness Sara leaving with Nyssa and her army. I’m glad Sara is alive but that we can’t say for Quentin. The punch one of the Sladers caused internal bleeding making him fall on the ground letting us fear wha will happen to him.

Thea left with Merlyn as predicted by many people before and left Roy heartbroken but looking forward to his bright Hero destiny.

In Oliver’s and Slade’s last face off of the season Oliver defeated Slade by only using his words, closing the chapter about Slade Wilaon in his book. It was revealed that Slade is captured in a bunker on the island.

The final 2 scenes of the season first featured a beautiful reunion of the Original trio and a Olicity scene that left shippers breathing deeply. And in the very last scene of the season it was revealed that after the events on the creepy ship, Amanda Waller took Oliver to Hong Kong. 

Season 2 was an epic adventure ending the first chapter on Oliver’s road.  Season 3 from my POV is an open book and I can’t wait for it to be written.


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