Arrow Review: Death in the Family


I didn’t think this episode would have such an impact on me, but right off the moment I saw Laurel crying in the Team Arrow layer I was falling apart. “Sara” was probably the most emotional and profound Arrow episode to date.

Sara’s death took a tool on all our main characters and I enjoyed their performances so much. Everyone was dealing with Sara’s in their own way and that made this episode so so strong. Team Arrow of course focused on finding the man who killed Sara. With some assistance from Lance and A.R.G.U.S Sara’s killer was quickly identified as Simon Lacroix aka Komodo. He is an archer as well and had a hit list he was working through. A confrontation between Oliver and Komodo happened quite soon and Oliver surprisingly was upper-handed.

Afterwards Felicity confronted Oliver about his cold addittude and the way he is dealing with Sara’s death. Oliver told her he couldn’t grief cause he had to be there for everyone else. Felicity once more thought Oliver some life lessons. He can’t hide in the layer forever, waiting that someone comes and executes him just like they did with Sara. Felicity sees so much more in life and she wants to live life to the limit.

And this wasn’t the last hit for Oliver last night. Shaken up by Sara’s death he wanted to reconnect with Thea so Roy finally had to step up and tell him the truth about what happened in Unthinkable. I thought Oliver would go mad about it but he took the hit and kept quite, knowing it’s not the time and place to go crazy on Roy.

With Laurel’s help they connected Komodo’s victims and found his next victim. Oliver and Roy cornered him and Oliver eventually prevailed in the fight. Laurel than appeared thirsty for revenge but Komodo told them he wasn’t the one who killed Sara and he had an alibi. Game changer! I really thought he was the one. But Komodo not being the assassin made Laurel’s upcoming adventure much more interesting.

Speaking of Laurel, Katie Cassidy delivered last night. I really could feel her pain, it moved me so much. Last year when Tommy died, Laurel was all over the place but last night the writing for Laurel was so deep so meaningful. It wasn’t overplay it was simply sincere. But she couldn’t tell her father the truth. She knew his heart wouldn’t survive it and it was another move that made me so sad. The hidden funeral scene was quite well executed and took another emotional tool on me.

ICYMI Diggle and Lyla agreed to name their daughter Sara.

Roy Palmer appeared once more this week. He wanted Felicity to work for him but she wasn’t in the right place to think even about it. Roy delivered a sweet speech and they connected. In such a heavy episode a chipper character like Roy is quite the dynamic changer but he fit in quite well into Felicity’s world. Eventually Felicity agreed to work with Roy.

In the Flashbacks, Tommy Merlin appeared. After Oliver entered his email in last weeks flashback, Tommy came to Hong Kong to look for his best friend. Maseo arranged for Oliver to kill Tommy as a punishment for crossing Amanda’s orders. But Ollie found a way send Tommy away and make Amanda satisfied. He abducted him and made it seem as it was a set up to kidnap Moira or Thea. Eventually the police came to Tommy’s rescue.

In the episodes closing moments we saw Thea located with Merlyn in Corto Maltese. And her father already thought her to be a kick-as* worrier. Next week will take a break from this sorrow and focus on Oliver and Thea reuniting.


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