Quick Recap: Scandal 4×01


– Olivia Pope was back and the premier’s title “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia” finally made sense. The premier had to resolve all the questions left in the S03 final and it did a damn fine job.

-Let’s start with Julia, Julia Baker. Julia is none other than our beloved Olivia Pope who used this name to stay away from all the mess she left in DC ( real world not comics).

-But the Superfreak aka Quinn found Olivia and Jake via her favorite vine delivery guy and reported to Olivia that Harisson’s body was found. Quinn was the only left Gladiator as Huck and Abby moved on with their lives after Olivia left town.

-Huck named himself Randy and started working at a IT shop. He wasn’t into talking with Liv until she decided to not leave again. Quinn was checking on him on regular basis but he wouldn’t spill the guts about what happened to his family.

-Abby aka Red become the presse secretar of the White House. She was sassy, she was smart and swxy as hell. Abby taking charge was brilliant. Than one of the most epic throw downs in Scandal history happened. Abby and Liv clashed, after Abby accused Liv of leaving all of them behind and it being her fault that Harisson is dead. But Liv isn’t anynes punchbag and hit back as hard as she could.

– This wasn’t the only throwdown that happened for Abby last night. She argued with David as well. David went a bit nuts after Jake dropped the B13 files on his desk and walked away feom Abby when she got the job at the WH, she worked for the enemy. But when David got an offer to become State Attorney, Abby’s words and Jake appearing all smooth and pushy made David go into offensive and exceot the job.

-Otherwise things at the WH were quite the mess. Cyrus and Fitz throw themself into work while Melie was griving the shit out of her body. She dressed up sloppy, driked to much anx hanged out the sarcastic monster. Not even the news of Olivia coming back shake her up, she just told Fitz she would know when they spoke.

-Fitz and Olivia didn’t share a scene till the very last closing scenes. When they saw each other for the first time afzer a long long time. Previous to that Olivia handled a rape case on her own, her dad and Harisson’s funeral.

– Out of these 3 only the funeral had a real impact, and it was heartbreaking to see the remaining Gladiators cry over Harrison’s body. My heart broke a bit as well.

– Portia de Rossi appeared as well, her highly anticipated appereance didn’t had a huge impact on the show but I believe something major will come out of her role. She shared a couple of scenes with Cyrus and talking about their Boy(Fitz).



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