Quick Recap: Scandal 4×08


“The Last Supper” was funny, entertaining and just scandalous. This season of Scandal (and HTGAWM) are so well layered and look like the brilliant Grey’s seasons back in time.

This week the Liv-Fitz-Jake triangle reached some absurd levels as the trio started to plot a plan to take down Rowan. Olivia had a hard time handling the two Alphas but once more proved very resourcful while playing against her father. The steamy googly eye moments between her and Fitz and her and Jake were really really intense.

After giving the googly eye moments a special mention, lets get back to the story. Fitz and Olivia came to Jake with the proposition to take down Rowan. To help them Jake offered all the intelligence that he had stored with David and involved David in the investigation. Eventually team JOFitz set up a trap to catch Rowan and Olivia was the bait. Everything seemed to go down smoothly but Rowan had his ears everywhere and took down away the files and killed all the people that should’ve arrest him.

Mellie was finding her groove again and after and attempt on her former lover’s (VP Andrew Nichols) life, she started the affair again. I was so glad for Mellie, but the revelations that followed broke my heart.

Starting from the begging, Lizzie North was asking for Olivia’s help. Someone was hacking her phone and she wanted to know who. Huck quickly revealed that it was Cyrus who was tracking Lizzie. Cyrus was furious cause of the trap Michael and Lizzie were setting up for him so he wanted to find out what Michael gave Lizzie and take them out both.

As a good friend Liv confronted Michael found out that he cared for Cyrus and gave Lizzie only unimportant intel. But Cyrus and Liv weren’t backing down and put up Huck to track down Lizzie. Huck prepared a stake out with Javi and was surprised that his mission collided with Quinn’s. Quinn was following Kubiak, the guy involved in the whole case lingering throughout this first couple of episodes. Kubiak met up with Lizzie and Andrew. Seemingly they are plotting against Fitz and Olivia.

Not only were they plotting against our dream couple, Andrew and Lizzie were also hooking up. While they were locking lips, Kubiak found Quinn and Huck and a fight emerged. To safe his life Huck had to kill Kubiak and Javi witnessed it.

The episode ended with Rowan leaving and Olivia left behind destroyed.


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