Quick Recap: Scandal 04×09


– “Where The Sun Doesn’t Shine” was an exceptional instalment once again and blowing our mind with every scene. With all these stories overlapping I don’t even know where to start.

– Lets start with Lizzie Bear making a move against Cyrus and Olivia by leaking the pictures about Cyrus sleeping with the male hooker Michael (Matthew Del Negro). After Quinn informed Olivia about Lizzie’s connection to Andrew and Kubiak and her photos. After the photos leaked Olivia started to move against Lizzie and informed the people around Cyrus, including Mellie, about Lizzie and Andrew.

– Mellie wouldn’t let the betrayal stick and gave out a punch at Lizzie.

– Cyrus was so shocked by the pressure that he even wanted to resign his position. But Olivia wouldn’t be Olivia if she wouldn’t fight for her friends. Olivia shared a bit of tough love with Cyrus and inspired him to be the man, one of the most powerful man on Earth. So Cyrus agreed to Olivia’s cover up story and got engaged with Michael.

– One more great scene featured David interrogating Abby about the night Cyrus wiped out all of his emails and she revealed that.

– Jake meanwhile found out that Rowan was taking down B316 agents and that everyone was in danger even Quinn. She wanted to be a good person and alerted Charlie about the motion. They engaged into some sexual actions when she realized he was assigned to kill her. She sexed and beat the crap out of him. Don’t mess with our girl. As an offer to redeem himself he gave Quinn the files about B316.

– Huck searched for Javi after he witnessed him killing Kubiak. Javi was in a bad place and Huck once again on the outs. But he used the files about B316 Quinn obtained to let Andrea and Javi learn what happened to him.

– Jake was tracking down Rowan all around the city, not knowing he entered Olivia’s apartment. Another major blow out happened between Father and Daughter. This one was more emotional as Rowan under pressure was mean as always but appeared much more unstable. But he wasn’t he was still the mastermind he always was. He set up Olivia with an unloaded gun and she didn’t twitch when she needed to shot. But even though it was a set up it hit Rowan quite hard. Rowan left seemingly for good.

– This made Olivia visit her mother, Maia Pope. Maia had to have some intel on Rowan’s whereabouts. But Maia wasn’t into talking about that, instead she brought up an old issue, Olivia is the spitting image of her father. That broke Olivia for a moment but she kept it together as she saw through her mother’s game.

– Quinn connected the dots and revealed that everything was about West Angola and that the bombing on Andrew was set up. But Olivia wasn’t the part that was fitting the puzzle. The episode ends with Jake visiting Olivia and her dancing her worries away. Her tormented state lead her to the realization that she had to choose herself over the man in her life. He confessed his love and they engaged into some hot kissing. When Olivia proposed sex on the piano Jake was all in for it but went to get a pillow. These 20 seconds were enough for AnIzzie’s people to kidnap Olivia. Olivia was leverage over the President! That is her role in the game.


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