How To Get Away With Murder Review: I didn’t get THAT


One of the most anticipated new fall shows, How to get away with Murder, premiered last night and it was a hell of a ride. The pace, dynamic and storytelling were on a pretty high level and I was sucked into the story right away. The episode features a lot of flash forwards that may mislead you, but put you on the edge of your seat as you always wanted to know more.

Present Time: The show introduces us to Viola Davis character, Annalise Keating, a professor at Middleton College. She is an Alpha type of person, she knows all and is all, and Viola Davis nailed it. She and her class Criminal Law 100 or how she calls it “How To Get Away With Murder” !She asks the class about a class, and most of the student have the answers until Annalise asks Wes Gibbins to answer one question. Wes (Alfred Enoch), our nerdy male protagonist, had no clue what Annalise was talking about as he didn’t get the case email as he got accepted into the class just 2 days ago. Later Annalise gives the class an assignment to find the best possible defense and the students with the best defense will get a chance to join Annalise Law Firm as 1 of her top 4 students. Right off Laurel, Michaela, Connor and Ahser step out as top contenders, but Wes with a Stockholm syndrome finds a way to keep his place in the race.

But as the competition progressed the stake rose, and Michaela and Connor put up their A game. Michaela found out that the prime witness was color blind and helped Annabelle disgrace her. Connor meanwhile slept with an IT guy just to get some email record putting the victims partner as the new suspect. Wes meanwhile wanted to prove himself hard and busted Annalise cheating on her husband. Afterwards the trail got complicated and Annalise used her toyfriend, Nate Lahey a police detective, to discredit a tape and successfully freed her charge. Boom! Annalise Keating style!

Annalise’s character was brillantly executed and I fairly enjoyed every move she made. At the end she chose the students to join her law firm and of course it were Asher (Matt McGorry), MIchaela (Aja Naomi King), Laurel (Karla Souza) and Connor (Jake Falahee), and with a bigger budget even Wess got a place in the Firm.

Meanwhile we got treated with a side story as well. It featured Wes’s neighbour Rebecca, played by The Carrie Diaries Katie Findlay. She was a ravaging punky who disturbed Wes with her music while he tried to study. One afternoon Wes witnessed a guy arrguring with her and leaving her apartment furiously.  He was nice to her and she gave him a bottle as a thanks. In the episode closing moments a girls body is found, and it seems the guy,from the other night, was her boyfriend and is afraid he could get arrested. But there is the thing that the dead girl is also a student of Annalise’s husband and he seemed heartbroken about her death.

Flash Forwards: Actually the episode started with a FF, as we see Wes run towards Michaela, Laurel and Connor who were shaking in a dark forest/park. Wes brought along, a with blood smeared trophy, as he thought they should get rid off it. Wes and Laurel agreed to eliminate the body while Michaela and Conor were pledging against it. Eventually a toin coss decided that they would get rid of the body. And while Connor agreed to help Michaela was still busting balls around. After they wrapped upped the body in a carpet they were almost caught by a police officer but the ravaging bonfire helped them escape bigger trouble.

Eventually they put on a Bonfire on their own so they would destroy the DNA. In the closing moments it was revealed that the body was no other than Annalise husband. One more bomb! Left echoing in my ears. I assume Annalise killed him and that the 4 of the help her cover up the mess. But let’s see how the show will resolve it.

ICYMI Liza Weil and Charlie Webber are part of Annalise’s legal team, as Bonnie and Frank. They hadn’t an real impact on the Pilot but I think Shonda will prepare them for some great stuff.

The show justified all the buzzzz it got over the summer and I can’t wait for next weeks episode to happen.


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