Quick Recap: Scandal 4×05


– “The Key” was great! Scandal’s last outing was exceptional and still while it kept the major story away from Olivia I think the real blow out will happen next week.

– Right of the start we got shocked when Quinn and Olivia witnessed David Kubiak kill Faith, Caitlin’s bff. Caitlin if you don’t recall is Katherine’s daughter and Katherine is Olivia’s college friend. 2 weeks ago Katherine was arrested for the murder of her daughter after it was revealed Katherine slept with her boyfriend. Yes Katherine is a messy women, but this is Scandal so this is the usual.

– Olivia put Quinn and Huck on the case, while she was obsessing about Jake’s whereabouts. Quinn than got a clue and found the key David Kubiak was looking for. It was in Faith’s body cause she swallowed it moments before he killed her.

– Huck was still stalking Javi and Kim, He begged Kim to allow him to see Javi. And Kim caved in, at least it seemed so. Instead of a meeting with Javi, Kim arranged a psychiartist to talk with Huck. He of course went mental and left finding comfort with Quinn.

– A feisty confrontation between Fitz and Jake happened and it seemed like Jake made reason with Fitz. He told him that Olivia wouldn’t love either of them if their were one of the bad guys. They were the ones with the White hats. Great referrence by Jake loved that scene.

– Cyrus is a back runner this season, but was the bigger human being this week and told Olivia why Jake was held captive. Olivia went to Rowan and he presented her the best possible story. Rowan tried to convince Olivia that Jake killed all those people so he could end up with Olivia. Rowan’s story sounded unbelievably plausible.

– Towards the end Mellie attacked Fitz for not being there to visit their son’s grave. And Fitz still couldn’t take it anymore and told her everything. This looped Mellie into a different level of crazy telling Fitz he was died for them for them to stay at the White house. Fitz than joined the crazy road and told her not speak to him till she becomes the Mellie she once was. It seemed like his words had impact on her, cause she finally took a shower.

– Abby and David shared some nice scenes as well. The guilt ate David apart and he started to drink till the breaking point. He confessed his crimes to Abby and told a really big line: “Why are we all trying to be Olivia Pope?”. This sent Abby to Olivia’s door and a great scene happened as Olivia fall apart in front of Abby after telling her that Jake killed Harisson and Jerry Jr.

-The episode concluded with Fitz trying to punch the truth out of Jake.


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