Once Upon A Time Review: Time To Change The Book


Once Upon A Time’s 4th season finally premiered and it was a really good outing. “A Tale Of Two Sisters” featured the highly anticipated appearance of the beloved Frozen characters, Elsa, Anna, Kristof and Sven, of course.

And let’s start right of with the Flashbacks. This episodes flashbacks took us to a trip to Arendelle, the kingdom where Elsa and Anna have lived once upon a time. But before we met the lovely sisters, we witness how their parents died on a boat during a major storm. Anna and Elsa’s mother wrote a note and tossed it into the sea before she and her mother eventually died. Later the story picks up after the events of the Movie and we see the 2 sisters visit their parents grave. Elsa than gave her sister a present, their mothers wedding gown. While Anna was trying on the gown, Elsa found their mothers diary in the old attic. The diary had a story which told of how their mother was frightened of Elsa’s growing powers, so Elsa accused herself of being guilty for their departure.

The chipper Anna had a solution for this problem, her new in laws, the Trolls. Grand Pappie revealed that the King and Queen were headed towards Mist Haven. And while Elsa couldn’t leave Arendelle as the reigning Queen, Anna offered to leave on a trip to find out the truth. And even though Elsa told Anna not to leave, Anna went on a mission of her own. At this instance we met Kristof, who was there to stall so Elsa wouldn’t follow Anna right away. Eventually Elsa could just witness Anna leave on the ship towards Mist Haven aka The Enchanted Forest.

Georgina Hail and Elizabeth Lail did a great job by channeling the spirits of Elsa and Anna onto the small screen. They were quite entertaining to watch together, looking forward to see more of them and their sisterly bond. Scott Foster did a good job as Kristof as well, I hope he will get a bigger role.

Meanwhile Present time Storybrooke continued to tell the story right were we left of on May 11th. The story was nicely done but didn’t followed up to the flashbacks, which from my POV disturbed the dynamic majorly.

But let’s go back to what happened, Regina was storming out of Granny’s dinner after Robin and Marian reunited. After a little banter with Swan, Robin followed and tried to create piece between his 2 loved ones. But failed miserably as Marian was going mad from the idea that Robin and Regina are a thing, Marian got even worse after seeing how everyone was carrying for the Evil Queen. The next day Robin visited Regina and told her he can’t break his vows and even though his feelings for Regina are real he has to stay with Marian.

This broke Regina and she sought out help from an unlikely old ally, Sidney Glass aka The Mirror. She and Sidney were discussing how the OUAT story book was powerful and how they need to change the past so Regina could enjoy her happy ending with Robin. After some weird moments, they always happen with Glass on the screen, Regina locked Sydney back into her Mirror and he showed her why she arranged for Marian to be killed. It was a heartbreaking scene as Marian’s words towards the past Evil Queen, hit even present time Regina really hard. She realized that she can’t go back to her old ways and needs to stay the Hero she became, but later on that.

Elsa, after breaking out of her prison, was heading towards the central part of Storybrooke. On her way she was almost hit by Sleepy and Grumpy’s car but froze them just in time. The next morning Elsa was afraid of Storybrooke! This foreign town, with all this unusual buildings, weird Vehicles were just to much. That let to Elsa’s powers showing out of order and without control. Emma and Hook followed the icy trail she created and moments before being discovered she created a Snowman monster who started a diversion so she could escape. During the mayhem Elsa encountered an article with Gold and Belle’s picture which featured a necklace Anna was wearing. Elsa broke into the pawn shop and took the necklace back promising she will find Anna no matter what she has to do.

Before Emma and Hook started to hunt down the freaky Snowman. Emma was in full avoiding mode. The kiss she shared with Hook throw her out of balance and she really didn’t know how to handle her emotions. Emma tried to share her struggle with Snow but Hook came along and stopped the M-D bonding. The 2 of them hadn’t time to talk as  the Snowman storyline started, which concluded with Regina saving the day, primarily Marian and proving, as said an instant ago, that she is a Hero.

Emma later continued the heart to heart with Hook and shared a kiss with him. But seemingly the last kiss for now, as she couldn’t explore what she has with Hook as long Regina is suffering cause of her actions. Emma sought out Regina and promised she would give her the happy ending she deserves. This made Regina reconsider and realize that she doesn’t need to change herself she needs to change the Book and to do that she needs to find the person who WROTE it. I love it. This is such a great move to dig deeper into the fairytale history and I can’t wait for it to happen.

Also in the show Rumbelle! First off Rumplestilskin and Belle visited Neal’s grave and Rumple probably delivered one of his best scenes to date. He confessed to Neal all his sins and promised that in the name of the sacrifice Neal made he will be a better man. Afterwards Belle took us to an empty castle were she arranged for her and Rumple to spend their honeymoon. At the castle Rumple exchanged the real Dark One dagger for the fake one he gave to Belle. Great first step towards recovery, but there is one more thing that happened. Rumple magically opened a beautiful jewel box which transformed into a Hat, a magical hat. Interesting development. Let’s see where this story will lead us.

Overall a solid episode! But something was missing for me to complete the wOw factor. Many good seemingly good stories were set up but let’s see how they’ll develop. Next weeks episode seems quite interesting as Elsa isn’t choosing the way to find Elsa in either timeline.


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