The Vampire Diaries Review: Someone should say Something

StaySynopsisPics-feature. . . but it’s pretty hard. “Stay” was probably one of the most emotional Vampire Diaries episode to date. Last night we had to say goodbye to Liz Forbes and Jeremy Gilbert in an hour, that featured heart-break, laughs, Enzo mess and the most romantic kiss in Vampire Diaries history.

Let’s start with the epic kiss shared between Stefan and Caroline. While prepping the family cabin for Liz, Stefan and Caroline once more got much closer. Caroline was coping and she spending time with Stefan helped, especially when he is so insightful and handsome. Their chemistry was all over the place but intensity rose when she confronted Stefan with Liz’s plea to stay by her side. Stefan easily throw off her doubts and they engaged in a kiss.

You’re my friend. Because I know what it feels like to lose a mother. And because when you told me you hated me, it was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time.

The kiss was perfectly executed and the intensity was gripping viewers on the other side of the small screen. But they didn’t have time to dig deeper into the awkwardness as Liz’s condition got worse. Till Steroline arrived in the hospital Liz was already in agony and not responsive. Caroline was denied her goodbye and it was tearing her apart. Candice Accola once more delivered those lines with so much emotions, my heart was about to bleed.

I’m her daughter, Stefan. I was supposed to give her peace and convince her that I would be okay. And thank her for being an amazing mom. God, I don’t even remember the last thing that I said to her. I was supposed to be with her in her final moment..

But Stefan was there to help Caroline move on as he showed Caroline how to enter Liz’s mind and what she saw in Liz’s head was another heartbreaking moment. Liz was teaching little girl Caroline how to ride a bike and how she let her go. It is always hard for a parent to let his child go but Liz knew Caroline was ready. As Caroline exited her mother’s mind, Liz passed away.

Liz last day in the VD-verse was filled with laughs. Her FRIEND Damon was by her side and let helped her survive the day. The two went through some old unresolved cases and explored one case Liz never dare to open, the Gilbert accident. There were so many things off with the case and Liz couldn’t let it go. Eventually with Damon, Elena and Jer’s help Liz realized that the accident was just and accident just a bunch of unfortunate circumstances happening to to good people.

Later Damon took Liz home and spent her final conscious moments with her. Marguerite’s final performance was brilliant, her anger towards life taking everything away from her when she was such an honorable human being was just so powerful expressed. 

Liz: I did everything right, Damon. I lived a good life. I took care of my family. I just…
Damon: I know. Sometimes really terrible things happen to amazing people.

Damon was a great friend and I enjoyed every single moment they spent together. But the anger didn’t last long as she found peace with the fact that she won’t survive this.

I have to admit there is a certain amount of peace knowing that I’ll be one of the only people in Mystic Falls to die an ordinary death. I’m exceptionally ordinary. I’m okay with that. Caroline is anything but. She’s meant to be extraordinary. She needs to know how proud I am of her.

I loved Liz’s final words they were filled with so much inspiration and love, cause her and Caroline’s relationship is probably the purest relationship in this show. I will miss their scenes and Liz’s involvement in the show. The next week will be about saying goodbye to Liz and I can’t wait to see it.

Liz’s death was the major focus of the episode, but the most surprising development of this episode belonged to Jeremy’s goodbye. After spending adorable moments with Elena and terrible moments with the obnoxious Enzo, Jeremy left Mystic Falls. In a twist no one saw coming, instead of Art School Alaric sent Jeremy to his new-old destiny! Jeremy couldn’t go and live a normal life somewhere far away, so he decided he would go out in the world and be a Vampire hunter. It was a lovely twist but a bit unconvincing cause Enzo kicked his ass earlier in the episode.

Speaking of Enzo he continued his trashy revenge against Stefan. BTW how stupid can Matt be and keep this secret? Especially after Enzo hit him with a car and he almost died. Enzo hit Matt with a car so he could heal him and reveal his vamp identity in front of Sarah Salvatore. Terrible, I know!

Vampire Diaries season 6 feels like a completely new show compared to season 5 and I enjoy every single Enzoless scene the writers are throwing at us. The next episode will all about saying goodbye to Liz and Bonnie will be back, so it should be emotional and heart gripping. Can’t wait!.


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