The Flash Review: Alive and Apart

FLA114B_0129bc_article_story_largeAfter episode 13, The Nuclear Man, I really thought it would be tough for the show to keep up with the level. But “Fallout” was another strong episode that kept me on the edge of my seat. The episode was action filled, emotional and had a game changer no one expected to happen.

The main focus of this episode still was Firestorm. The cliffhanger from last weeks episode resolved in both dr Martin Stein and Ronnie being alive and separated. The two of the tried to return to their normal lives but they were targeted by the government, led by General Eiling. Things quickly escalated when Eiling went after Ronnie in a public place and had a really good weapon to use against Barry. During the attack it was revealed that Stein and Ronnie had a mental connection, feeling when the other one is in distress. This was quite useful later on, while it brought up some disturbing questions to me ( Would they feel each other during sex as well? Ick )

Team Flash secured Ronnie but didn’t know that Wells would betray them and handle out Stein to keep Barry secure. This lead up to an intense rescue mission and the eventual remerging of Stein and Ronnie into Firestorm and kick some army but. At the end of the day Ronnie and Stein decided to leave Central City, to avoid Eiling and find a resolution for their current situation.

I felt so bad for Caitlin, her heart has to be in a really messy place. Even though she handled Ronnie leaving much better than the first time she lost him. I liked the chemistry between Ronnie and Caitlin, they are a really in sync couple. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Caitlin and if her heart will maybe go a bit Barrylicious.

The shocker at the end of the episode was better than any of us could imagine. Wells revealed himself as a speedster to Eiling and brought him to the sewers. At the sewers and angry Grodd appeared and took Eiling away to play. Shocking! That Wells never stops to surprise me.

Also an interesting development of the evening, Iris agreed to help Mason (guest star Roger Howarth) investigate STAR labs. At the begging of the episode Iris was against it but just 1-2 lies from Caitlin about Ronnie were enough to persuade her into joining Mason’s quest. I really think this is just pushing Iris into this story, instead of intergrating her in the story properly. Why go behind everyone’s back? Why don’t go straight forward and worry about Barry’s and Caitlin’s safety.

But the episode concluded on a futuristic note. Joe was straight honest about the discovery he and Cisco made an episode ago and let Barry in on what happened in the past. Barry had some informative talks with both Wells and Stein but didn’t really have the answers he needed. The only conclusion Barry took out of this revelation is that he will go back to the past and won’t fail like his previous self and he’ll rescue his mother. I adore how optimistic Barry is about it but he should realize that his future self probably thought the same thing.

After an extraordinary episode, The Flash goes on a four week hiatus and returns March 17th with a “Groundhog day” episode and possibly revealing Wells as the yellow speedster.


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