Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of The Exes II 26×07

12436c– WoW wOw WOOOOW! I’m a bit late with these recaps but the quality of the Challenge episodes improved highly. After 26×06 cliffhanger ending, it was revealed that Riley and Avery won the Dome against Brittany and Adam.

– But there wasn’t to much time to be sad about their departure, as 26×07 “That’s the way Love goes” dig right into the action. First we devour the tension that built up between Sarah and Jordan during the last challenge. Of course the teammates aren’t discussing it together, instead they were gossiping around. And of course Douchbag King Zach delivers the most chauvinistc line possible. But lets not bother with as*hole.

– Tension continued to raise between the team with the upcoming trivia challenge, “Are you the one?”. In a surprsing twist Jay and Jenna won and became Power couple, while Riley and Avery had to go into the Dome once more. Back at home things escalated even more when Sarah wanted to do damage control, while Jordan wasn’t able to take any criticsm.

– But thankfully Jay and Jenna didn’t want to throw in Sarah and Jordan, they wanted their protection so they threw in Nia and Leroy instead. Leroy and Nia didn’t take it well, those competitors really have huge ego. Not that I’m surprised but they are really bad at playing this game.

– This weeks DOME was really interesting: Hooking Up: Several ropes with carabiners are hanging from the top of the Dome. Each team has to attach the carabiners to their opponent’s back, which will launch their opponent to the top of the Dome. The game is played in same-gender battles, in a best-of-three rounds, and the first team to win two rounds wins. Leroy had a easier job, as he had the dominance over Riley cause of his height which does mean a lot when the males were fighting. The girl elimination was a tough one, as Nia and Avery fought for over an hour. Eventually Nia and Leroy win the game.

– This weeks the Battle of the Exiled wasn’t that entertaining, as the social network popular BaNany easily defeat Brittany and Adam.  Control Issues: Teams compete in a tug-of-war, and must wrestle a two-foot pole from their opponent. The game is played in same-gender battles, in a best-of-three rounds, and the first team to win two rounds wins..

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Chauvinistic Pig: Zach. He really doesn’t get him. Terrible Terrible.

Person who can’t get any sort of Criticism: Jordan. He is a great competitor but is too VAIN! He should work on that.


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