Pretty Little Liars Review: Pretty isn’t the Point

PLL_5x20_420Pretty Little Liars does a fine job, by creating a web of stories to pull us back in again. The latest revelation of this seasons 20th episode was quite heartbreaking as all of our characters were pushed over an emotional edge.

So lets start with ARIA and her brother Mike. He dropped a really huge bomb in this episode as he revealed that he not only knows about “A”, he also revealed that Mona made a deal with “A” to set up Alison, for her murder. I was stunned by this reveal and Cody Allen Christian delivered a really emotional performance. Mike is so afraid for Mona’s life that he acted out in the worst way and keeping secrets isn’t his deal at all.

The built up towards the reveal was really well executed and Aria really started to be afraid of her brother. Also Aria’s connection with Andrew started to grow a lot stronger and I’m starting to grow fond of Andrew and his “not douchy” attitude. I just hope he won’t be revealed as a part of “A’s” team.

Elsewhere the other 3 girls delth with emotional setbacks in their personal lives. Most interesting probably was HANNA and her goal to win intuition money via a Beauty Pageant. It was completely out of character and Ashley did a great job in portraying Hanna’s aversion towards Pageants. But Hanna was eager for this win, she would never just give up and trained with Emily as hard as she could. I liked how even Caleb crossed the line to the dark side and supported Hanna in her goal.

The dancing lessons Emily and Hanna took together were really hot and “Bang Bang” was great choice for this. Especially as Hanna used it to flip out in the middle of the session with her potential coach. Hanna didn’t knew it atm, but “A” planted Kate names on a list for the rehearsal schedule and that made Hanna flip. She crossed the line between dancing and wanting to punch Kate and made a fool out of herself. This story concluded with a beautiful scene between Emily and Hanna, where Emily promised she would do the Pageant and win the money for Hanna.

While twirled into this mess with Hanna EMILY had to deal with Talia’s messy marriage situation. After Eric Mendoza, Talia’s husband, stopped by the brew Emily realized that he didn’t have the same understanding about Talia, her sexuality and their relationship. Emily later confronted Talia about it leaving the two lovers at odds. .

Away from all this madness SPENCER dealt with her own personal messy love life. Toby was still pissed and a bit selfish in his attempt to protect his girl. In the process Spencer had time to enjoy Jonny’s company. During their walk through Rosewood, they saw Jonny’s “art project” in a gallery. Pissed at the situation Jonny and Spencer went back later and broke into the gallery and retrieved all of his pictures. When they triggered the alarm, they started running but Toby caught them at a gas station and took Jonny into custody. Veronica freed Jonny from jail, but kicked him out of the house. The goodbye between Jonny and Spencer ended with a kiss on the lips.

Team “A” wasn’t waiting to be discovered so they started being proactive and “A” manipulated one of Mike’s benches, as sign of don’t mess with me B.

While the Liars emotional lives are falling apart, “A” isn’t calming down either. The show is heading towards their final 5 episodes of the season and a promised BIG “A” REVEAL!


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