The Originals Review: To New Beginnigs

tumblr_njourcKfyX1rlvdl7o3_500And here comes the bride! Even though I’m 2 weeks late with this and many other reviews, that doesn’t decrease the value of The Originals 14th second season episode, ” I love you, Goodbye”. The episode followed he the recent trend of “slower” episodes but still delivered majorly by digging into the Mikaelson family ties.

Hayley and Jackson’s wedding brought up a bunch of conflict especially between Klaus and Elijah, who came back with Cami and Hope. The strange chemistry between Klaus and Hayley continued to linger between them. It isn’t sexual or friendly it is somewhere inbeteen all those emotions someone can have for your daughters Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid mom. The moment Klaus brought back Hope to the compound and assured Hayley she was safe was filled with that same chemistry.

But that was it on the Kayley front, as Hayley had to handle Elijah moments before her wedding to Jackson. Elijah who now got a bit rid of his murderous anxiety couldn’t it just let it be. He wanted to tell Hayley everything he felt from the day they met but that is exactly what she didn’t want to hear. She had to do this and couldn’t let any potential real love moment ruin what she had to do for her daughter and herself. My heart broke the moment she shut him down, but at this point it is probably the best decision she could make.

The weeding ceremony was a beautiful moment, probably the most beautiful in The Originals small history. Their vows were so sincere and powerful, just as the moment all the wolves eyes glowed bright, alerting us that the ritual had worked. After Klaus introduced Hope to the magical community and made everyone promise to keep her safe, Hayley and Jackson spent their first night together. Hayley’s lines were really well written and executed, the passionate kiss the two engaged in was also a beautiful conclusion to their so far journey.

ICYMI Hayley and Bekah shared a girly girl moment. The two are really bound to each other and Bekah giving her a dress for the wedding was a sincere and beautiful moment, which made me like new Rebekah actress, Maise Richardson Sellers, even more.


But the best scenes of the night did share Mikaelson brothers, Elijah and Klaus. Klaus couldn’t bare the thought that Jackson would lead the super werewolf army. I mentioned Klaus paranoia already in earlier reviews but this time it almost grew out of control. He couldn’t stand Jackson around them and was hell bound on killing him, at least till Elijah talked some sense into him. Cornered by Elijah and his decision to keep Jackson safe, Klaus did something unexpected and invited Jayley to live with him in the compound.

This week we had to say goodbye to Daniel Sherman as Kol aka Kaleb. After Freya brought Finn back with a spell, the curse cast on Kol started acting again and his body was falling apart. He and Rebekah tried to safe him but weren’t successful. Kol spent his final moments with Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Davina. It is amazing how Kol’s character turned in these last 2 episodes and I really grew to like him, even to the distance that I will miss the next episodes without him.

The goodbye between Kol and his siblings and Davina was heartbreaking, especially when Rebekah promised to stay in her current body until the day she’ll bring him back (as they will bury him with the witches of the French quarter who can be brought back).

The Originals Romeo and Julia aka Aiden and Josh finally came out in front of the magical community and it was a nice set up. They two are really cute together but seemingly one of them won’t life to long anymore.

The episode concluded with Freya telling Finn, that Dahlia is able to sense potential for magic and that is she will come for them. The Originals return with new episodes March 9th 2015 with the Freya and Dahlia looming to take down the Mikaelson family.


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