Reign Review: The Death of Me

Reign - Episode 2.14 - The End of Mourning - Promotional PhotosEverything started like a magnificent day in this weeks Reign episode, but as usual things changed rather quickly. We are already at episode 14 of Reign’s 22 episode long 2nd season and “The End Of Mourning” was an entertaining episode.

If you enjoy a game of betrayal, politics and romance between royals, Reign’s latest episode was everything you could ask for. And while I’m completely against the insinuation of a possible love triangle between Lui, Mary and Francis, cause it’s quite tiring and unnecessary, I loved the sort of resolution we got last night, at least we know where we stand at this moment.

Conde was the prime suspect for poisoning Henry back in the day as plenty evidence was going against him. Mary couldn’t believe he was connected to it but had to play along and set up a trap with Francis and Bash to confront him about the situation. The scene where Mary convinced Conde to stay was so powerful, Mary didn’t talk much, she was just so sensual and let Conde draw his own conclusion.Sucker! 

After he was accused of treason and the real reasons for Mary persuading him to stay were revealed we got another strong scene between them. Conde poured his heart out in front of Mary and I really felt for him. The episode concluded with Mary confessing her real feelings to Conde, she couldn’t bare the thoughts of losing him cause of treason or of Lola. She felt love for him but would never dare to go for those emotions cause she could lose everything cause of him. I’m not really a fan of this development but I liked the build up towards it and the whole story has background. Conde stud beside Mary throughout in the whole nonsense war Francis was fighting in the first half of the season and was there when she faced the man who raped her. We rarely can’t decide for whom our heart is beating but I sincerely hope Mary will find her way back to Francis.

After all those events Francis and Mary shared a really strong scene, he realized that Mary started to live but started to do so without him. Here I have to call out Mary’s hippocracy, cause if her uncle didn’t poison Henry, Francis wouldn’t felt obligated to kill Henry to safe her and none of this mess would’ve happen to her. And even though the Duke wasn’t guilty, but Mary didn’t knew that and she should’ve given Francis some absolution and not more crap.

Meanwhile the mystery around the poisoner was quite heating up and it felt quite cheap when Duke of Guise was accused of the poisoning and executed in the dark of the night. Everything seemed to convenient and I was already pissed that they took that road. But than in a surprising twist it was revealed that Narcisse framed the Duke and blackmailed Antoine, King of Navarre and Conde’s brother, for some money. It was just a brilliant move and gave a lot of edge to our 2 handsome villains.

ICYMI Narcisse was wooing Catherine the whole night and it was really entertaining. But Cat is currently wearing metal panties on and no one is getting the key.

But that wasn’t the end of Antoine’s story, Conde realized he was the one to poison and the brothers got into a huge clash. Antoine was still bitter for Bash killing their brother on the King’s behalf and was making moves against Bash. I liked how Conde accused Bash in front of the royals so he would prevent Antoine from making a move against Bash’s life. So if you can’t kill a man the best way to take him down is over his woman and a neglected Kenna is a pray to be taken. It will be quite interesting to see Kenna respond to Antoine, for now she is holding on strong and I hope her love for Bash will prevail.

After the whole turmoil with Conde, Lola was left without a suitor and she wasn’t shaken up at all. This story led towards Francis and Lola reconnecting over their loneliness and love for their child. I know the writers a driving Francis and Lola apart but back to the ex isn’t really working for the show.

After a week away Greer returned to the story and the conditions she was living in looked pretty poor. I almost felt sorry for her. but her chipper alcohol indused attitude was quite hilarious. The twist of Greer becoming some prostitutes madam I really didn’t see coming, I hope this story will lead to something later and not just be a filler.

I have to give huge kudos to Reign’s designer team, cause Mary looked stunning in every single scene she was in. Not that she usually doesn’t look great but last night she looked amazing. Things certainly are heating up at the French court and next week shouldn’t be any colder. In Reign’s winter finale we will once more enjoy in Marie De Guise, Mary’s mother and Scotland’s Queen Regents, played by the always powerful Amy Brenneman.


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