Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of The Exes II 26×06

mgid uma image mtv.com 9719847– Battle of the Exes II certainly heated up the game, cause after some slowish first couple of episodes, number 5 and 6 heated up majorly. After Bananas and Nanny’s crazy exit last week, this week things continued to slide out of control because once again Wes and Teresa got Power couple status.

– This weeks challenge was quite brutal and in pre Fresh meat II seasons could be considered a final challenge. The guys had to pull a 300 pound heavy door so the girls could memorize a puzzle under the door. When the guys let the door fall the team head to walk up a mountain where the girls have to reconstruct the puzzle. It was a hell of a challenge and the couples majorly struggled, surprisingly Jordan and Sarah were one of the struggling couples. Sarah caught some sort of virus and had to face cramps, vomiting and nausea. Jordan was certainly very pissed and pushed Sarah quite much. Sarah than also lost one piece of her puzzle and barely found it in Jay and Jenna’s bag. Eventually they made it as the 4th team, but everyone expected them in top 2.

– Wes and Teresa did this challenge like 2 bosses. I find both of the obnoxious but they work great together and completely deserved power couple once more. After the first 4 couples finished the challenge 4 others were left and a sudden death moment happened as they didn’t have enough daylight anymore. At the end somehow Adam and Brittany were bad enough to even lose against Zach and Joanna who were terrible at this challenge and Adam and Brittany are going into their 4th dome this season.

– A lot of unresolved issues rose between those couples and this thing with Zach and Joanna won’t end well.

– To everyone’s surprise the real drama just started cause of the Power couple’s choice. Wes and Theresa chose Avery and Johnny cause of his allegiance to Bananas. Of course it was an as*hole move by the two of them cause their both are great friends with Avery. They acted like they were her friends but choose to sent her in even though they could’ve sent in Nia and Leroy instead. A highly emotional Avery went cut throat on Johnny putting all the blame on him. The tension transascedent to the dome challenge as well.

– Stacking Up, was an exciting dome game where the steams have to stack up a tower of crates from the ground, toward a 20-foot high bell. The guys will try to balance on the crates, while receiving crates from their female partners. The first team to reach their bell wins. The dome was so intense that the producers decided to reveal the winners and losers next week. BUMMER! But if there was a time for a cliffhanger this was it! Great choice.

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Biggest Couple surprise: Nia and Lerory, even though Nia is disgusting at times and has a filthy mouth the two of them surprisingly work great together.

Two Biggest Chavunist as*holes: Adam and Zach, its like the two of them are competing against each other.


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