Quick Recap: The 100 2×12

not8– Can The100 raise the level of drama anymore? Is it possible? It seems like it is. “Rubicon” another great episode of The100, had emotions, bad decisions and great action scenes.

– The relationship between Clarke and Raven is getting better by day and Raven taking the role of the one person to counter Clarke’s crazy state is just a brilliant move. After Bellamy alerted the girls that the Mountain Man were taking one by one of their friends to an unknown part of MW she delegated her duties to Kane. Clarke was meant to attend a meeting with Lexa and the representatives of the 12 Grounder nations to decide what are their next moves. Quite underwhelming is that the Ice nation is part of the Grounder alliance and not a fraction on their own.

– Maya gave Bellamy a walky talky and with Raven and Clarke’s help he found the Labs while wondering through ventilation shafts. Upon reaching the labs, they found out that they are extracting the bone marrow and that the Mountain men are planing to fire a missile at Ton DC, where the meeting will be held .

– Clarke went to Ton DC and argued with Lexa about their next moves. Clarke was shocked by how easily Lexa would let her people die. While Clarke was trying to find a way to safe the people without giving up information on Bellamy, Lexa with lack of any guilt turned her people her back. But than Abby appeared at Ton DC and Clarke could not rescue her.

– The missile than hit Ton DC taking away a bunch of lives and Abby’s respect for Clarke. After Abby realized that Clarke knew about the bombing she was terrified and even bit disgusted by who her daughter has become. While Clarke wanted to run further, Abby couldn’t leave the people alone and returned to help them.

– Octavia was reunited with a broken Lincoln who was lurking around the borders of Ton DC. Octavia was majorly disappointed by Lincoln’s weakness and even hit him. Her pep up talk was major, she even declared herself a Grounder.

– Things at Mount Weather went really crazy and I’m so happy that Jasper and Bellamy got more screen time and a really decent story. While dr Tsung was taking one more kid from the 47 Sky People, Bellamy succeeded in giving Jasper a gun, giving them a slight fighting chance. Afterwards on Jasper’s behalf Bellamy sought our President Wallace and he gave Bellamy a tremendous advantage.

– Through a system of shafts Bellamy with Raven’s help and Wallace’s instructions found a system that regulated radiation for the fifth floor where the kids were held. The fight between the kids and the mountain men was chaotic and Jasper was almost taken with Tsung, when the radiation protection failed and the kids got command over the 5th floor. The moment where Jasper, Monty, Nathan and that one girl, whose name I always forget, watch dr Tsung die was so powerful.

– The follow up scene between Cage and Wallace was also really great and I was surprised that Cage gave his father the bone marrow suspension. Why did he? I have no clue but can’t wait to find out.

– I was really glad to see Jaha and Murphy this week, thought we wouldn’t see them till the final 2 episodes. On their way they met Emori, a women who was searching for the City of Light. Jaha was naive enough to let her join their quest, just to be tricked by her. But before Emori betrayed Jaha and his people she shared a connection with Emori. Afterwards Emori took Murphy hostage and took all of her supplies and weapons. Before leaving Emori gave Murphy a clue to just head to Do North. Later Jaha’s crew parted ways and only 4 people followed Jaha and Murphy on their quest of faith.


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