Arrow Review: Addicted to

ar313b0312bjpg-0fe8eb_960wTwo big lies were finally revealed last night and there is just one more lingering over the heads of our Protagonists. “Canaries” was an action packed episode that let Laurel Lance fill up that black leader jacket her sister gave her back in the day, while Oliver was struggling with the new situation in the Arrow layer and Thea learning the truth about her brother.

As said in an earlier review this season, Katie Cassidy is getting a lot of shit from fans all over the world for her performance and poor writing this character got, but this week she once more broke the barrier, and personally for me she earned her stripes. Katie acted her soul out in this episode, as Laurel Lance had to face Sara and Oliver in this episode. Upon Oliver’s return Laurel wanted to continue her mission, but Oliver wasn’t ready to risk Laurel’s life and was quite determined in his intentions.

After Werner Zytle, the new count Vertigo, escaped from prison, Laurel helped find the journalist who helped Vertigo break out and wanted in on the action. Here we got the first Laurel vs Oliver of the episode and Oliver was harsh, as he just searched for words to hurt and scare her off and Oliver hit a nerve.

Oliver: That relief is not real. It’s a drug.
Laurel: If you’re implying…
Oliver: You’re an addict and just like with booze and pills, that high that you’re chasing every night is endangering your life.
Laurel: Go to hell, Oliver. You don’t get to play that card with me. Ever! And if there is anyone who is anyone who is hiding the pain of real feelings and real life, it’s you!

But Laurel wasn’t backing down and I loved it. She went after Vertigo on her own but was hit by one of his Vertigo arrows and here comes the messy part. Laurel hallucinated Sara and it completely throw her off. The Sara hallucination was mean, hurtful and brought up all of Laurel’s hidden fears and ´they were taking her apart.

She got her ass kicked pretty hard and barely survived it. Thankfully Oliver and Roy came to her rescue. Upon waking up from her delusional state she shared what she saw with Felicity who gave Laurel the support she was seeking for.

I hope I’m not out of line here. But, I think Sara wore her mask just as much to hide her demons as she did to help people. I don’t see that with you. You have a light inside of you that Sara never had so maybe you should stop trying to be Sara and just be yourself.

Felicity being so insightful and powerful in her statements is always funny to watch. And how much I disliked her inappropriate emotional reaction last week, this week it was perfectly suited. Laurel’s emotional reaction and the hug she gave to Felicity felt just natural and appropriate. These two growing closer is a big positive surprise and I welcome more of them together.

Later Oliver was forced to face Vertigo with Laurel, and while Ollie was saving some scientists Laurel had a chance to face Vertigo once more. Once again he hit her with a vertigo arrow but this time he appeared as Sara and Quentin. Laurel eventually realized she doesn’t want to be like Sara, she want to be herself and that gave her the strength to defeat Vertigo.

Laurel’s journey ended with her confessing the truth about Sara to Quentin and it was heartbreaking. My eyes just immediaetly watered up and my heart broke, while Laurel was gasping for air Quentin knew what was going on. A perfect scene between father and daughter. I hope we’ll see more of them further along the way.

But this episode wasn’t only about Laurel, Oliver’s comeback was tougher than anyone expected. Not only was Laurel stirring up trouble, the issue was that Roy, Diggle and Felicity were backing her up. Oliver wasn’t understanding how much his death shake up his “teammates” and how much strength they needed for moving on with their crusade.

I understand Oliver, he came out of a position of where he only was calling the shots and found himself in a position where his teammates won’t obey him. The situation grew even worse when Malcolm asked Oliver to bring Thea into his secret. Oliver wasn’t really comfortable with the idea but opened up to Thea and shared. Thea’s reaction was a complete surprise, as she realized the responsibility and pressure Oliver was under. She and Oliver shared stuff but things got weird when he revealed that Malcolm knew the secret. Thea saw that as a sign of betrayal as Malcolm convinced her she was all alone back during the night Slade’s army attacked.

Oliver tried to convince Thea that they need Malcolm to defeat the League but Thea didn’t want to hear a thing about Malcolm. She sought some advice from Roy who was supportive of her. Things further escalated when Thea busted into the layer when they brought in Laurel. Than things between the Team Arrow members exploded, shaking Oliver up to the core.

Roy: You think you’re the only person who can stand up for Thea?
Oliver: I’m trying to figure out why you’re standing up to me!
Diggle: Alright. Maybe we just need to throttle back.
Felicity: No! We need this. Oliver, you were gone, dead, at least we thought you were, and we had to go on with our lives and doing that meant not doing things your way.
Oliver: Fine. I’m back now!
Felicity: That doesn’t mean we can go back! And you do not have the right to come back here and question everyone’s choices.

These words made Oliver accept the new situation, but drama was far from over. Thea was quite affected by the fight in the layer and sought out comfort with the DJ Chace and ended up on the sofa with him. Later Thea noticed Chase wanted to kill her and a fight erupted where Chase easily overpowered Thea. Thankfully she had her two lurkers, dad and Roy to come for her rescue. This made Thea realize that they really need Malcolm’s help and agreed to work with him. 

Malcolm decided to sent Oliver and Thea to the place of his greatest fear, Lian Yu. So brother and sister took a trip to the island to face their fears. Meanwhile in the flashbacks Maseo and his family went on a run from Amanda Waller while Oliver tried to contact his family. Of course Amanda intercepted this and took Oliver hostage. She threatened him with hurting Thea and he spilled the beans over Maseo’s location. Maseo was captured and confessed that the he gave Oliver the fake location and came back to help him. The episodes closing moments revealed that Waller took Oliver and Maseo to 2010’s Starling City to find China White. I really don’t know what they intend to do with this Hong Kong storyline cause it’s a complete waste of time for now. 

Arrow certainly rose its level after last weeks not so convincing episode. Next weeks episode, titled The Return, will bring back 2 fan favorites and I can’t wait to see it happen as Tommy Merlyn and Slade Wilson are making a stunning comeback.



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