The Flash Review: Survival of the Fittest

4385033-flashEverything ended with a boom! Last nights episode of The Flash was an extraordinary outing just piling up the amount of outstanding episodes in their freshman run. Do the writers push things with this amount of Metas this season? They certainly do! But the thing is that since the mid-season finale, all the metas have a purpose and their stories are just filling the episodes so well. “The Nuclear Man ” had just the right amount of action, emotions, laugh and major revelations.

Let’s start with the major plot of the season, Firestorm was staring up some trouble. In a not so well explained move the tormented duo of Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein attacked one of Martin’s childhood friends. Why did Firestorm attack the guy? They accused his mental state and let it be. This action forced Team Flash to step up their game and start their search for Firestorm.

The episode explored more the character of Martin Stein, played in the flashbacks by Victor Garber. His scene with pre-Flash Barry in the train was charming and showed that there is a relationship between Wells and Stein that needs to be explored. The following scene involving Stein’s wife, Clarissa, showed once more that there is some sort of anemosity between the two scientists, but the revelation that a confused Ronnie stopped by after the explosion, led us towards the first Flash vs Firestorm battle. Of course Firestorm got the upper hand cause Barry didn’t want to hurt him, but that really wasn’t the goal here as Barry planted a tracker on Firestorm.

The tracker allowed Barry, Caitlin and Clarissa to find Firestorm and make him follow them to Star labs to help him. At Star labs a freshly shaved and bathed Firestorm was looking quite good topless on examming table. My heart broke for Caitlin as she tried to find some of her fiance in his body controlled by Stein. It was so awkward when Robbie Amell was talking like old people do, calling Caitlin sweety and stuff but he delivered every single line.

Thing got quite intense when Wells found out that the two people in one body isn’t really working well and that they would eventually explode like a nuclear reactor. Caitlin demanded from Wells to find a way to safe Ronnie cause she couldn’t lose him again. As Firestorm caught up on the discussion on him, he escaped the labs and went at a safe 30 miles radius from Central City.

And than Wells did something quite selfless that makes me question his overall motives! He used a part of his RFlash device to split Firestorm back to their respective halfs. In a dramatic closing moments Caitlin and Barry arrived just in time to. The scene between Caitlin and Firestorm was so beautiful, the scenery, the words and Martin’s decision to kiss her cause of her amazing love were on point and great. Danielle Panabaker and Robbie Amell did a great job here. The episode concluded with Firestorm exploding leaving Ronnie’s and Martin’s fate un-revealed.

Meanwhile Barry was exploring his potential relationship with Linda Park, played by the stunning Malese Jow. Linda and Barry worked perfectly together, there was chemistry and plenty of laughs. The scene were Cisco and Caitlin spoke about Barry possibly being premature was hilarious and Barry escaping his hook up with cause of it was perfectly executed. Grant Gustin delivers highly in his comedic scenes and I enjoy every single one of them.

Later Binda’s relationship was put on a big test, when Iris informed Linda about Barry’s feelings for her. Yeah really awkward. Iris wasn’t handling this really well and I understand her, it was weird to see Barry, the guy who said he laughed her two months ago date her co worker. The following face off between Barry and Iris was quite harsh but Barry is trying to move and Iris isn’t really handling it well. I doubt Barry is already over Iris, but out of sight out of mind is a good strategy for now.

At the end Barry stepped up in the middle of Central City Picture News where he ate a quite spice chili paprika to proof he wants to date Linda. Think it was a really nice move and Barry’s silly and honest personality really made it a scene to remember.

The major reveal mention in the introduction happened after Cisco and Joe spent some quality time together. Cisco and Joe finally started their investigation of Nora’s murder case, insinuated back in the mid-season finale. Back at the original Allen home, Cisco and Joe found a compelling evidence in a mirror that was positioned there for the last 15 years. The backside of the mirror was covered with Silver-nitrate that was used to make photos back in the day. So Cisco gathered some prime gear and a great presentation of the murder night events happened. That led them to a blood spread on one of the wall’s.

Cisco took a sample and that the weird stuff started. Joe asked Cisco to test the sample with Wells blood that put them at odds. Cisco couldn’t believe Wells was a murderer until he came back to the lab where Wells was about to kill Firestorm. Either way Cisco tested the blood and a huge surprised came from it. It was Barry’s blood, but not young Barry’s it was adult Barry’s blood. Dam da dan!

Time traveling, emotional havoc and some topless moments put in just 60 minutes, The Flash is certainly gathering great momentum after the mid-season finale and I enjoy every moment of it.


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