Pretty Little Liars Review: A little intrigued Again

tumblr_nik1bhZgIz1rknyzko1_500Pretty Little Liars has that sneaky way to pull you back into the story and make your heart go nuts. “Out, Damned Spot” was an episode that once again featured a bunch of new questions, heartbreak, shirtless hunks and some resolution.

Last night my heart broke for HANNA. Poor little sweet Hanna. I really don’t get Tom Marin at this point. I know his relationship with Hanna isn’t the best but cut her off so harshly and investing more in his step daughter than Hanna. I know the situation is always tricky but him being so close minded and not even trying to find a solution for the problem was probably the worst parenting in PLL history! And if you watch PLL you know that has to be pretty bad. Hanna was lucky to meet Ezra, while her girls were following Mike. Ezra shared his messy back story with Hanna making her feel a bit better. Kudos to Ashley for a great performance.

But Tom wasn’t the only parent giving Hanna a headache. Ashley confessed to Ted her recent hook up with Jason and they broke up. Ashley was so ashamed and was avoiding Ted, only after Hanna told her to fight for her love she jumped of the pity train and fight for Ted. I hope they reconcile, cause they would make pretty babies.

SPENCER’s relationship with Toby was still in a bad place, resulting in Toby not appearing this week again. Instead of that she spent time with Johnny, the guy who rented their summer-house. He took her out to paint something for the local comites and they formed quite the great connection. Sadly Spencer was disappointed that their painting was an act of vandalism. She yelled a bit into Johnny’s face and later everything was fine with them. Still Johnny seems to be a really shady guy, lets see if he has an agenda of his own.

This week our Love bird EMILY got her heart-broken again. It seemed like she and Talia were going strong until she found out that Talia was married. Em’s exploded into Talia’s face and rushed out of the brew. There she saw Mike pick up 400 dollars from an ATM, which led the girls to following Mike, but a bit later on that. Talia opened up to Emily and explained her that she is married to her high school sweet heart and that he knows about her sexuality. WERID!

ARIA had a really tough time last night. The pressure the other girls put on her cause of Mike was pulling her apart, also not staying in contact with Ezra and not confiding with him was another burden on her back. Things started to escalate when she answered a call on Mike’s phone from a women correctional institution, from Hank Machony. Aria confronted a half-naked Mike who played it cool. Previous to all this drama Mike stole some vials with blood from Blood giving event.

Later Aria had a study session with Andrew, the hottie Spencer played stip-quiz back in season 3. During the session Emily busted in with information about Mike and the money, that led the girls and Andrew to follow Mike. The group reached a bar where Mike met up Cyrus, the guy who fake kidnapped Alison, and exchanged the blood vials with him. A face off between Emily, Aria, Spencer, who joined the girls a bit later, and Cyrus happened with no real answers being revealed. In the meantime the girls got a photo from “A” where we see that it has the vials with their blood.

The episode concluded with “A” spreading some of Hanna’s blood over Mona’s clothes while watching the recording of Hanna and Caleb talking about the barrel. So where is this going now? Will Hanna get busted for Mona’s murder? Why is “A” doing this? And where the heck is Alison? Why isn’t she appearing? And where does Mike fit in all of this? I’m a bit afraid for little Montgomery as Cody was cast to appear in season 5 of Teen Wolf, will he be “A’s” next victim? Would the show go there?

So many questions, but a bit to none resolution to it. To some unconfirmed rumors a big “A” answer will be given in the season finale and I hope it’s worth the wait.


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