Marvel’s Agent Carter: Catch me if you can

nc47NUUAgent Margaret Carter is a hell of fighter! Not that we didn’t know that but “Sin to an Err” once more confirmed that. An episode that started quite slow in just a second turned to be a really catchy chase across New York of 1949. The episode served up some great twists and turns with Peggy eventually getting caught by the SSR.

Everything seemed pretty normal in the life of Peggy as she joined Dooley during the examination of Ivchenko, the psychiatrist Peggy rescued in last weeks outing with the Howlings. Peggy’s aggressive approach, made Dooley kick her out from the investigation. Peggy wanted to know more about the girl assassin school, as the evidence led up to the fact that Krzeminski was killed by a woman. Dooley’s eviction forced Peggy to sought out Jarvis and his helping hands. Peggy assumed that the same woman flirted it up with Howard to get the necessary information from him. She asked Jarvis for a list of woman who hooked up with Howard in the last 6 months and their main clue were possible scaring on the girls wrist. The cut together scene of the scorned women was quite entertaining and led up Peggy and Jarvis to the home of the mysterious woman, who we all know is Dottie.

Watching Peggy and Jarvis work together is always so fun and their chemistry is working for the show. But their peaceful situation quickly changed when Sousa sought out the guy Peggy beat up back in episode 2, while facing Brannis. He recognized Peggy and a hunt for our protagonist started.

Peggy’s perception and quick thinking is really well written. Her abillity to stay calm at any situation and the way Hayley Atwell executes the written script is just exquisite. Peggy fighting the SSR agents and overpowering Thompson were quite powerful. The speech she shared with Sousa was moving and on point. Just excellent!

Peggy and Jarvis parted ways as Peggy needed to recruit Steven’s blood from her room back at the Griffiths. The situation at The Griffiths was quite dramatic as Peggy hid on the wall outside of her window. Peggy had luck that Angie and her “acting” skills were on her side and distracted Thompson and Sousa for a while. As the situation calmed down a bit Peggy said goodbye to Angie and tried to escape but she didn’t count in the Dottie factor. Dottie, the Leviathan killer machine, knocked Peggy out with a poisonous kiss and was just about to killer her when Sousa and Thompson appeared and took Peggy into custody.

In a surprising twist it was revealed that Ivchenko was part of Levithan and worked together with Dottie. Ivchenko was quite the spy as he used his psychiatrist skills and some old fashion hypnotizing ring to get information out of Dooley and agent Yauch. After learning how to get out of the SSR and where to find Stark’s inventions, he instructed Yauch to commit suicide. Powerful move!

In a tense closing scene Sousa and Thompson prepared to investigate a slightly drugged Peggy was trying to stand a woman. How will Peggy convince the SSR she is innocent? Or won’t she and Jarvis will rescue her? Will Leviathan be stopped or will the obtain Stark’s devices? So many good set up stories and just 2 episodes to resolve them! As excited I am that the story will reach its peak, I’m sad about it ending so soon.


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