The Originals Review: A Scorned Family

The_Originals_-_2x13(a)Last night The Originals dig deeper in their messy family relationships and a very well-kept secret stopped being a secret. “The Devil is Damned” was another strong outing The Originals sophmore year as Kol finally got into his real place in the Always&Forever gang and Finn was burned for making a move against hope.

And lets start with our friend Finn, who got some great support in his revengenda against his siblings. Frey busted into his layer and it was a great scene. The two siblings shared a unique connection and easily opened up to each other. Finn easily spilled the beans about Hope and Freya was eager to help him. Meanwhile Freya told Finn the story about how Dahlia thought her to freeze herself for a century and than live a year, so they could cherish their youth. Freya stated that she hated Dahlia for everything she had done, but I call bullshit! I’m sure Freya is in cohuts with her aunt and is prepping to move a combined move against her.

Freya also helped Finn do a locator spell and find little Hope. And while he went to the safe house to take out the baby girl, he sent Marcel and Kol on a hunt for Hayley’s and Klaus’s blood, but a bit later on that. At the safe house Finn had to face Elijah and he was in a power position until Kol and newly witched up Bekah overdosed him taking away the powers he channeled from their parents. The episode ended with Elijah taking off his daylight ring and letting the manor explode. Elijah meanwhile seemed to have found a way to channel his inner struggle and over came his murderous fall outs. He found a way of sound himself of and refocus his anger. Some nice intense moments from Elijah.

ICYMI Elijah fixed up some thing around the manor, while Cami spent time with baby Hope. They were in town during Finn’s attack and on their way home suddenly their car stopped just in time to avoid the manor exploding. Seems like Baby Hope is getting in their groove. No doubt Grand-aunty Dahlia wants to harvest that.

Meanwhile in New Orleans, Klaus and Bekah had to deal with a broken Kol. After Finn cursed his little bro, Kol had to come back and beg his siblings for help. A lot of pulling forward and back was happening and no surprise there as a lot of resentment was between them. But their interaction escalated when Klaus tapped into Kol’s head so they could replicate the curse Finn throw on Kol.

But Klaus saw Kol’s diamond dagger plan as well and chased his brother away. A scorned Kol was found by Finn and persuaid to get Klaus blood as a decoy I earlier mentioned. Kol entered the Mikaelson home once more went brutal on Klaus and Bekah. The exchange between Klaus and Kol was one of the best these 2 characters shared so far.

Oh, you’re angry are you? Well join the party! I’ve been here 1,000 years. I was building that dagger to protect myself against you, Nik. I’m not the bad guy in this chapter of our family’s story. I’m the wronged, I’m the dead, but never mourned. And whilst you got everything you ever wanted, I got a family who didn’t care if I lived or if I died.

Daniel Sherman finally gave Kol some personality again, instead of douche attitude. The brothers made peace and joined forced against Finn. As they realized the blood thing was a decoy Kol came up with the idea to overcharge Finn and break his power source. Klaus gained so much trust in Kol that he offered himself as a power source as well. That was enough to over power Finn and let Elijah take him out. But this should mean Mikael and Esther are out of his circle as well?

At the end Bekah promised her brother she would do everything in her power to safe him from Finn’s curse and that will resolve in next week Valentine themed episode featuring Jayley’s wedding.

Yep Jackson and Hayley’s wedding day is approaching and with the word spreading there will this unification ritual, other Alpha packs wanted to join the crescent wolves. Jackson saw this as a great moment to gain some army so they could protect Hope better. And while Mary and Jackson were adding the alphas and packs to their new Crescent pack, Hayley found out that Marcel was sent for her blood cause of the location spell. Hayley’s emotional reaction was perfectly suited to the story and her panic was really overwhelming.

Thankfully Hayley had a lot of blood thirsty Vamps to punch. Finn spelled Marcel’s Vamp and let them free in the bayou. Hayley did her best not to kill them cause of the peace she tried to maintain. The fight was quite kickass but had one major loophole. When Marcel brought the Alpha’s to Mary’s cabin he wasn’t invited in. But mistakes happen, not a biggy.

Things have quite heated up and next weeks wedding is bound to be a disaster and I can’t wait to witness the whole bloody mess. Will Freya interfere? Where will Hope stay now?


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