Scorpion Review: Love Boat

0Love, action and laughs were in the air when Scorpion returned from its 2 week hiatus. “Love Boat” is already Scorpion’s 16th season 1 outing and it was a great hour of Television.

The story was simple and yet very entertaining as Paige, Sylvester, Gabe and Walter went undercover to obtain some really powerful rackets. At the cruised Paige and Sylvester pretended to be a married couple to infiltrate the Cruiser with the weapons. Sylvester channeling the personality he has taken over, and Mr Chaz was an adventurer. Ari Stidham once more was the MVP, and his lines were top notch.

Here’s a shocker. I don’t like boats, primarily because they are on the water, and I don’t like water.

And not only were his lines a delight, also his hero attitude was just all over the screen. When he even cracked a ventilation shaft, when the thugs took Paige away. But I was so surprised when he jumped of the boat and crashed the thieves escape boat and saved the day, sort off. Seconds later he almost drowned, but it was overall a win. At the end of this dramatic day, Sylvester even decided to spent Vday with Megan, Walter’s sweet sister, he needed a push from Paige but it seems like Sylvester finally started growing. Paige and Sylvester’s scenes are so good and the writers should exploit them much more.

Throughout the episode we saw Walter struggle with his feelings for Paige. It was sweet seeing Walter arrange a “work” date for him and Paige and offer himself instead of her to the thugs, And all the progress Walter made, disappeared when he talked to his ex, who was on the same boat as the Team. She told him, he should only do it if he was ready to go all in. Apparently Walter wasn’t as he bailed on the “work” dinner. It seemed Paige wanted to go on the dinner and was quite disappointed he decided not to go through with it.

Meanwhile Toby, Happy and Ralph had a good time on their own. Ralph bailed school cause of his Valentine crash and Toby used the situation to get close to Happy. The overall set up was hilarious, as we never saw the three of the interact. Eventually Toby and Happy arranged a firework so Ralph would swap the girl from her feet and would work almost perfectly if Toby didn’t misspelled Ralph’s name.

But Toby’s actions warmed Happy up and she let him even kiss her, but the principal ruined it and the kiss didn’t happen. But Tappy/Hoby fans should be happy cause these 2 are great together and the 2 of them should head for a honeymoon soon. Just kidding, they are going strong and their semi-slow burning helped everyone light up to their connection.

Scorpion is a delight to watch and I’m really glad it got a 2nd season order last month. I’m eager to see how the relationship between the two couples will develop and what else is there in store till the end of the season.¬†


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