Gotham Review: Taking Over

Gotham-1x15-6Last nights episode of Gotham was all about taking over! Looking at it “The Scarecrow” would be a perfectly fine episode, it had a nice plot, some character development, some funny scenes and if it was any other show I would be more than happy with the episode. But this is freaking GOTHAM! I don’t wanna be fine with it, I want it to be AWESOME.

The most entertaining part certainly was the stand-off between Oswald, The Penguin, and Edward Nygma, the future Riddler. It was awkward, intense and somehow felt natural to the characters. The police station was a great place to see them “slightly” go at each other and I’m hopeful there will be more scenes between them. Oswald stopped by to deliver an invite for Jim and Edward’s awkward behavior attracted them to each other. Edward adding a riddle to the scene was just good. Also him giving such a simple riddle like he doesn’t respect Oswald gave us great insight into how their future interaction will look like.

What I want the poor have, the rich need, and if you eat it you’ll die.

Oswald was having a tough time last night. Falcon give him Fish’s club and he spent the episode prepping the club, now called Oswalds, for re-opening. He got furious when Jim rejected his invite. That was all connected to his fear of Maroni and how he plans to execute his revenge. But Falcon took care of Maroni. After trashtalking Oswald a bt, Falcon convinced Maroni to let Oswald live, as he had incriminating material on one of Gotham’s judges, who was into SM and boys. The scene felt so natural as the both actors didn’t blink while watching the Dominatrix torture the judge. Maroni later visited Oswald and set things straight, they split on good terms but think Oswald’s panic will get the best of him and make him go after Maroni.

Our Protagonist, Jim, had his hands full with the case of this and last weeks episode. Gerald Crane was fierce man and his experiments involving his victims adrenal glands reached testing stages on him and his son. He extract pure hormons from the glands and injected them into his and his son’s body to get rid of the fear. The seems involving Gerald and Jonathan were quite emotional and ended with Gerald’s demise and Jonathan in a constant state of fear. Jim and Bullock really didn’t get their fingers to dirty but the seemed stressed out.

On the other side, Jim was too much struggling with his new relationship with dr Lee Thompkins. Morena Baccarin’s light personality gave the show new touch and seeing Jim stress out about Leslie’s easy-going attitude was a blast. Overall I really enjoy their relationship, even though I was a huge Jarbara shipper, but how can I ship them when she is nowhere to be found in the last couple of episodes. The writers jumped into their own mouth by bringing her in so early.

Fish was meanwhile captured by some pirates and quickly took over the prisoners as she killed the previous leader without even twitching. This development felt quite rushed and forced but that isn’t even the problem here. The problem is will this story have influence on the overall story or is it just filler story till Fish returns to Gotham.

As said overall it was a good episode but I saw Gotham do much better is kind of taking the fun out of this episode. I really hope the show will stop pulling villains out of nowhere and focus more on the characters they have on hand.


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