Quick Recap: Scandal 4×11


– This week Scandal continued to shock us with their approach for the 2nd half of the season. “Where is the Black Lady?” was really heartbreaking as we witnessed Fitz handle Andrew’s blackmail. The episode was well paced and gave Tony Goldwin enough space to prove what great of an actor he is.

– After Andrew revealed he kidnapped Olivia, Fitz wanted to start a contra punch with Cyrus, Jack and OPA but was intercepted by the secret service. He was sworn to secrecy and threatened to not make the slightest move cause everyone is watching him. In his desperation he even went to Tom Larson, the guy who killed his son, for some kind of support. He needed just a name one person he could trust and then Tom gave him the ultimate advice to visit Olivia’s apartment. Of course Jake was waiting for the president, Fitz turned over the proof of life to Jake.

– Fitz quickly fall into desperation and shared his desperation with Mellie. I was surprised that Mellie supported Fitz into going to war and obeying Andrew’s demand. But things didn’t went the way Fitz thought as Andrew wouldn’t give Olivia back for at least 3 years.  Fitz than sent a hidden message to Cyrus telling him that they took Olivia. The look on Cyrus’s face when he realized that the president didn’t betray him was to precious.

–  Jack with the help of Huck and Quinn investigated the video. Huck quickly realized that Olivia sent them a message as she reflected her kidnappers face with the help of a glass of water. But as the reflection wasn’t clear it wasn’t really helping the crew. Mrs Rose appearing was a major move forward for the team. Rose was a friend of Liv’s neighbour and wanted her spare key. That lead the team to the other apartment and the ring Olivia left. This lead Huck and co to Otto and afterwards to Ian. But Ian knew what he was doing and the signal bounced over to many satellites making it unable to find their location.

– Mellie than made a game-changing move and seduced Andrew, letting a terrified Elizabeth steal his phones and give them Huck. Mellie made this move after Huck tortured Liz and she appeared crying in Mellie’s office. I felt quite sorry for Portia’s Liz but she played with a fire she couldn’t contain. The phones led OPA to Liv’s location and they used David in a brilliant way make the rescue action appear as a drug raid. But they were too late as of the game Olivia played with her kidnapper, Ian.

– Olivia’s game of cat and mouse with Ian was more than entertaining. Once again Kerry was stunning in her acting. Ian was convinced that Fitz would give in and explained to Olivia that the world is moved by emotions. But Olivia knew what type of pity soul Ian was and played him and his desire for money. She presented herself as a money bag and the biggest weapon of the modern world and Ian ate out of her hand.

– ICYMI The number of casualties in West Angola raised to 33. The episode closed with Ian telling Fitz he is selling Olivia on the Black market and Huck realizing that Olivia sent them a message to them by making herself go viral.


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