Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×10

137788_6024_pre– Episode 230 and it’s the first time that Patrick Dempsey didn’t appear in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Somehow I feel sad about that fact but “The Bed’s too big without You” was an excellent episode featuring a lot of emotional baggage.

– After Derek left in last weeks episode, Meredith was dealing with a husband-less life. She needed a person in her life and as Derek and Christina weren’t available she was searching for a new one. Suddenly a completely simple surgery turned into a mess as the tumor was growing unbelievable fast and she had no idea how to handle it. She was joined by Bailey and Maggie and those were a lot of fun to watch.

– The tumor was so big that they decided to print it with Meredith’s 3D tumor to have good enough visualization. The girls had to wait 10 hours till the model was done and used the time to bond. It was great listening them talk about their sleeping arrangements. But Maggie nailed their conversation with just one sentence.

I might be too good at being alone.

– Their later deliberation about the operation plan was just WOW. It was such a monster tumor and it was just what Meredith needs to boost her confidence as a surgeon. At the end Meredith slept with the 3D model in her bed while skyping with Maggie.

– Jackson and April’s pregnancy is probably the most emotional story introduced to the show in a very long time. After discovering that the baby has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, April was undergoing a test to see if it was type 2 or 3. No matter which type the disease is terrible but with Type 3 the baby has chance to survive, while type 2 is a death sentence.  Jackson was a bit pushy here, as he wanted to talk about their actions if the baby is suffering from type 2. Jackson’s choice was obvious he wanted to terminate, but April’s faith was holding her down. They started to talk about it and weren’t really getting anywhere. Than April’s mother appeared and things got messy.

– Later a huge fight between Karen, Jackson and their believes erupted. They were throwing stuff at each other about family, good and much more. This lead to April going mental on them and revealing all her fears to them. Eventually she and Jackson made peace and went as a united front to hear the results from Arizona.

– Arizona and Herman were meanwhile categorizing surgery’s they have time to do before Herman goes under Amelia’s knife.

– Amelia was breaking her head about the Herman’s tumor. Amelia is such a great character and Cat S is doing a magnificent job by portraying her. She tried to explain the tumor to the residents but they didn’t get her at all. After a pep talk from Richard she felt better about herself. Than Stephanie got more involved in the story as she proved to understand Amelia’s thinking process. Glad that Stephanie is finally getting a story again.

– Meanwhile Callie once again proved to have the worst gay-radar ever. After a meeting with  Owen and a sales rep she wanted to do Owen a favor and make his get back into the saddle. But the sales rep wasn’t into Owen, not cause he was ugly or stuff she just wasn’t into man. She wanted to hook up with Callie. She politely rejected and run as far as her legs were carrying her. Callie and Owen than ones more bonded about their loneliness, leading Owen to spent some time at the air loft.

– Alex was lingering through the episode and was a bit of comedic relief. Meredith introduced him to the term “Pause” , which should happen when she texts him during sex. As he was reluctant to obey Mer thought Jo “pause” and she used the method during her next hook up with Alex.

– I think Derek deserved at least an unpacking scene, but I assume Patrick is busy with his personal problems so I won’t be too mad.



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