Pretty Little Liars Review: Friends of “A” friend

f90cec6a1e734d73cd5602fcc5b5d053“Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me” is a long title for a really unappealing PLL episode. Pretty Little Liar’s 18th outing of the season was mostly about the new people in Rosewood, as Leslie, Talia and Johnny and brother and cop going loose.

Holbrook came back to town and HANNA was chosen to interact with him. But before she shared a scene with one of her recent lip locks, Hanna spent time with Mona’s friend, Leslie. She was quite the intriguing character and her intel about Mona. A very important piece of information was given by Leslie who revealed that Mona had a huge fight with Mike the night before she died. I hope that Leslie will comeback and give us a bit more insight on who Mona really was.

After Hanna found a recording tape in one of Mona’s book, in which both Leslie and Mike were interested in. On the tape we heard Bethany speaking about someone being really evil. Bethany Young turned out to be quite the intriguing girl. During her ride Hanna was followed by a newly suspended Holbrook. He got suspended for messing with Alison’s lie detector test. During his encounter with Hanna, Holbrook revealed that he was spending the last couple of weeks with Internal Affairs being torn apart for his bad behavior. Holbrook not being a big part of Ally’s plan was quite obvious, cause the dude only got the looks not the brains.

ARIA was still struggling after her recent blow out with Ezra and the fact that she didn’t know where he was this weekend showed how far he pushed her away. But Aria didn’t had too much time to think about Ezra, as Mike proved to be the real problem child in the family. He visited Alison in prison and acted quite suspicious, just like Paige back in season 3. Later Aria and Mike had a small face off as she followed him around just to see him leave candy for someone in the night. An even bigger surprise was Mike visiting Alison again by the end of the episode.

SPENCER hadn’t to much to do this week than just snooping a bit around the corner. She spied on her mother, avoided the Spoby tension and spent some time with Johnny. Her spy work eventually gave some results as her mother revealed that the blood drops found around the barrel were Alison’s while the content of the barrel was still unknown.

I hate what the writers are doing to EMILY! Shay Mitchell can be much more than a love interest, yes Emily is driven by her emotions but she can be single for a couple of eps of good forbid for a whole halfseason. But seemingly the writers doesn’t think so and Emily spent the episode pining over Talia. Do I want a new GF? Where are we headed from here? And many other questions. Eventually Emily poured her heart out to Talia and showed how vulnerable she was. Talia responded with the same vulnerability which ended with the two locking lips.

The episode closed with Spencer and Hanna putting some pressure on Aria and trying to make her realize that Mike is working for Alison, who in their eyes is still The Big “A”. Meanwhile “A” or one of her/his hench(wo)men or a completely 3rd person went into Mona’s room to take the book where the hidden tape was indicating that the tape was a set up from the start.  Apparently the season finale will answer some major questions about Big “A” but we need to survive 6 long filler episodes till we get there.


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