How To Get Away With Murder Review: Best Christmas Ever

annalise-keating-5-htgawm-best-christmas-everIt certainly wasn’t the “Best Christmas Ever”, but How To Get Away With Murder gave it it’s special touch making it feel quite memorable. The charm of HTGAWM is that with every new episode they are surprising us with the approach they take, developments, the case of week and the game changing cliffhanger introduced in the final moments of the episode.

The episode started with some really shocking scenes, as we saw Annalise putting food, pills and alcohol into herself in a dirty hotel and barely getting through the vacation. After arriving back at Middleton she had her first face off with Hannah Keating, Sam’s psychiatrist sister. The two of them certainly had a lot of feelings for each other but Annalise wouldn’t show as she was completely in defense mode. Marcia Gay’s Hannah was brilliantly written, as she was feisty, bold and entertaining.

As Annalise wouldn’t talk to Hannah, she started following Annalise and in a very bold move she lead her to Nate’s apartment. There another big scene between the women happened, showing of some resentment that was piling up for quite some time. The calm with which Hannah handled Annalise’s attacks was truly entertaining. In bed Nate revealed that his wife supports him finding a bang buddy, WEIRDO! I’m still not sure what Annalise feels towards Nate but it will be interesting to see where things will end up, cause Nate won’t be a dumb Boytoy, at least I think he won’t.

Hannah’s logical thinking started to heat up some doubt in Bonnie’s mind and no one was liking that. So Annalise made dinner for herself and Hannah to deal with her once and forever. I was surprised Annalise knows how to cook, but I’ll take it. The most awkward dinner ever turned into an emotional mess and it seemed like she convinced Hannah in her innocence but all that will change next week as the closing moments of the episode revealed that Sam’s remains were found.

The case of the week was more than petrifying. A woman appeared at the office telling Annalise & co her husband keeps 2 girls captive. The woman asked for Annalise to arrange her a plea deal and AL was doing her best to do so. It was quite the emotional turmoil as it was revealed that Jackie drugged the girls to easy up their pain of getting rapped, also one girl was pregnant and it was revealed that Jackie was hiding a 4 year old girl one of incaptivated girls delivered earlier. At the end the Annalise tricked the tormented barren Jackie in giving away the girls location and sent her and her husband into jail.  Harsh! Overall a really terrible case, executed quite well giving me hope that there is still some humanity left in Annalise.

Throughout the episode we saw how our lovely Keating 5 spent the vacation. While Wes was suffering nightmares and reciving Rudy’s Christmas mail, Laurel fought through her family’s facade, Connor told his sister Oliver was his boyfriend and Michaella got drunk, accused Aiden of having an affair with a man at a New Year’s party so forcing him into postponing the wedding. In a surprising move it was revealed that Frank and Asher become best buds over the holidays.

Meanwhile back at Middleton I couldn’t stop wonder about Laurel. She was so into the whole situation, her coping mechanisms were quite creepy and pushy. Laurel out of nowhere become the most intriguing student and surprises me every week with the moves she makes. This week she asked Frank to get rid of Connor’s car so they would get rid of the DNA and pushed her accomplices to bond with her even though they were nowhere near that state of mind. Laurel is an outcast and the law team is the first real family she has, as it seems they are the only ones who get her drive, her ambition, her way of thinking.

And while Michaella were covering up their emotion with a fake ring and to white to be truth smile, Connor was completely focused on Oliver. He didn’t tell him the truth but did everything possible to not loose him again. His passive aggressive charm was pushing Oliver over his limits making him confess his love to Connor. Those two aren’t really a dream couple but are a lot of fun to watch.

Last but not least there was Asher, whose childish behavior towards Bonnie was charming and annoying at the same time. Him not letting things just gave him a more real touch and showed he had some real feelings for her. Will be interesting to see how their relation will develop further.

As said the episode concluded with the reveal that someone found Sam’s remains and I wouldn’t be surprised if Annalise was the one to reveal them so she could play out her game. I mean everything in the world of HTGAWM is a set up or am I wrong?.


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