The Vampire Diaries Review: U choose Death

DayTriedToLiveExtended-featureWhile I’m usually praising the great acting skills Nina Dobrev possess, this season it is all about Kat Graham and Candice Accola. These 2 ladies are gathering great momentum and every time they grace my small screen this season I’m more than happy. “The day I tried to live” was another great episode and mostly because we got a lot of Bonnie.

It’s Bonnie’s birthday aka a really emotional day for our Mystic falls crew but the arrival of Kai at the Salvatore mansion light up a candle full of hope. Chris Woods performance and the writing for Kai is so exquisite that I barely can believe I’m watching The Vampire Diaries. Kai overwhelmed by Luke inside him started gathering emotions and they were quite bothering him. So he wrote a letter to Jo telling her he was sorry for merging and killing Luke in the process.

Elena would do the favor to Kai and deliver the letter but she wanted something in return. Elena asked Kai to help them sent a message to Bonnie. Elena and Damon realized that Qetsiyah’s blood was still in Silas grave stone and that Bonnie could use the blood and magic to come back. So Kai transferred himself, Elena, Damon and Jeremy as ghosts to the prison world for them just to realize Bonnie intends to kill herself.

In that moment Kai’s magic fails and brings them back to present time. In a desperate move to stop Bonnie from killing herself Kai sends himself and Jeremy to the prison world enabling Jeremy to touch stuff. But things of course get complicated as a hell bent Liv interferes and stabs Kai while entreping Elena and Damon in his bed room.

The fight between Liv and Kai was an emotional blast, those witches know how to fight and cry at the same time. I even think Liv had a chance if she wasn’t that emotional. But the Luke in Kai couldn’t kill Liv and would’ve been killed if Jeremy didn’t interfere. Jer begged Kai to use his last inch of strength to pull of the spell and sent Jeremy one more time to the prison world.

And there it happened Kat Graham delivered a performance like I never saw from her. The desperation was overwhelming her and she couldn’t bear a moment alone. She than entered the garage, closed the door and turned on the car intending to die from CO poisoning. Before dying she recorded a message for her friends it was really emotional moment, but as she asked Jeremy to live his life and be strong she remembered that Grams was asking herself the same thing. This brought up Bonnie’s desire to life and she wanted to rescue herself but the gases were already overcoming her. Thankfully Jeremy’s emotions were strong enough to materialize his hand and open the garage door.

Jeremy’s story ended with Elena convincing him to leave Mystic Falls and persuaid his dream of entering and art school This was Steven McQueen’s penultimate appearance as a series regular and next week seems to be quite emotional. But not only Jeremy was starting a new road this week, Bonnie as well went on a road trip as she found the clue about Qetsiyah’s blood and geared up to find it,

The Delena centric portion of this episode was handled so well. I enjoy when those two are acting like adults and doesn’t argue too much. The two have great chemistry and things turned the moment she erased her memories. So Elena’s emotions are fresh again and she is full of doubt towards their relationship. So when Kai mentions that she likes Damon just cause she is a Vampire more and more doubt started pile up.  But Elena realized that wherever she is going she is coming back to Damon and they engaged in a beautiful kiss that sent them to orgasm land.

The birthday brought up some unresolved feelings for Caroline as well. Back in the day she got in fight with Bonnie and as a punishment buried Mr. Cuddles, the adorable bear Bonnie stockpiled her magic in, somewhere in the woods. Out of desperation that she can’t save her mother and Bonnie Caroline decided she’ll find Mr Cuddles instead. Of course Stefan followed Caroline and made her confront her feelings. It really wasn’t easy to face her emotions but a bit tipsy Stefan was persistent enough to make her face her anger. They eventually found present time Mr Cuddles and Caroline’s eyes turned into fountains. Their chemistry is undeniable and I really enjoy them developing their relationship.  But on the other hand I have to say it starts to bother me that they don’t interact with other main cast members. Next week will be huge as we witness Steroline’s first (french) kiss.

Tyler manned up this week and I loved it. After being a major douche in S04 and barely appearing in S05, Tyler grow some cough balls cough and his relationship with Liv is becoming a really strong storyline. But truth to be told Penelope Mitchell as Liv is killing it as well. Her grief over losing Luke felt so really as she was completely broken. Tyler wanted to help her in any way but the only way she saw was in killing Kai. Tyler of course knew that was an awful idea and tried to stop Liv. But there is just as much as human with a werewolf gene can do when a sleeping spell was cast on him. Upon saving Liv from getting killed by Kai, Tyler confronted his girlfriend and his lines were so strong.

I would’ve done anything for you. And you chose death over me.

And that quickly is how Lyler terminated, at least for now. Will be interesting to see how their relationship will resolve? Will Tyler really die for Liv?

ICYMI The spell Liv used to see what Luke sees was just awesome I want someone to teach me that.

While Tyler was manning up, Matt was bitched down. In the most pointless way of giving Matt a love interest, Matt met the really Sarah Salvatore. Enzo who was still hell bend on revenge towards Stefan, needed Matt to test the ground with Sarah. I have to say Tritsin Mays is an adorable Sarah and I enjoyed her scenes with Matt until Enzo ruined them every time. It seems like Enzo wants to seduce Sarah and make her experience 50 shades of grey and then let her beg him into turning her into a Vamp, just so he would get back at Stefan. As said earlier pointless!!!!

The review I’ll end with saying that I miss Alaric and that I’m glad he is coming back next week to give Jeremy a proper send off. The Vampire Diaries gathered great momentum and I enjoy the show like I was back in S01-S03, can’t wait for next weeks epic episode titled “Stay”.


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