Reign Review: A Beautiful idea

Reign - Episode 2.13 - Sins of the Past - Promotional PhotosOnce again Reign hit high notes! Last nights episode, titled “Sins of the past”, was another strong outing as it focused on characters, the story and some reasonable twists.

Craig Parker’s Narcisse was back in the game and ready to rumble. I enjoyed how sneaky he was and how he tried to fight his way back into wealthy grace. After Francis took everything from him Narcisse had no other option than go and marry back into France’s power houses. First on the list Lola and their chemistry is still so exquisite. Lola is an intriguing girl and she is smart enough to counter Narcisse’s attempts of nearing to her. But still there aren’t to many girls who would resist Craig Parker, Anna Popplewell’s Lola is holding up great. Her jealous break out in front of Kenna was just rich.

Narcisse next victim was Claude or better said he was chosen by her to have some fun together. But Claude didn’t want to risk a pregnancy and had to many demands so Narcisse let her hanging hot and bothered. Just moments later Narcisse visited a healing Catherine, who was stuck in a barrel. It’s unbelievable that Narcisse has such great chemistry with all the women in the castle. He helped Catherine survive the barrel and indicated that someone is poisoning her. In great Reign fashion it was revealed that Catherine was poisoning herself over Henry’s bible. So Catherine wasn’t even the target it was Henry and the mystery of who wanted Henry out of the game will be explored in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of Catherine, it was a blast watching her struggle with the possibility of dying. And it really wasn’t the dying part that bugged her it was more the dying from syphilis. The healing methods chosen were hilarious and adding Claude to the scenes made them even better. Think this is the first episode I enjoyed Rose Williams as Claude, but still I’ll buy her a ticket out of Reign ASAP.

The other stories in this episode revolved around matrimonial issues. This week the scenes between Mary and Francis were strong and so emotional. This season I really appreciate Toby Regbo and his acting skills! I see big things coming up from him as we are approaching his eventual demise. Francis wanted to bring Mary closer to him, so he had the beautiful idea of transferring them into a new castle and Mary recognized the effort. Later she made a step towards him and let him sleep by her side. This proposition didn’t end so well as Mary suffered a panic attack after lying next to a heavily breathing Francis. Mary was so fragile and I was so happy that Francis understood her fears so well.

It just seemed like Frary was back on the right track, but King Antoine, Conde’s brother, interfered. He came to court to ask for some goods and money from Francis but their past wasn’t comforting at all so Francis asked Narcisse to investigate Antoine’s intentions. I was surprised that England was involved in the story as Elizabeth I and England were last mentioned by an alive Henry.

It turns out England wants retribution, Francis action towards the Protestants made Elizabeth France was plotting an attack against England and her throne. Of course that brought major turmoil between Francis and Mary, cause Francis was still guilty for it. Mary was terrified that Elizabeth was breathing behind her neck and that it’s Francis fault. Mary acted so selfless and let Francis go, find another woman to be happy with cause she isn’t able to give him what he really needs. Their final scene of the evening was quite moving, I look forward to see them overcome this, eventually.

On the other hand I never thought Kesha/Benna would be such a strong storyline this season. As we enter the episode major tension was lying between the married couple cause of all the stuff said in the previous episode. Kenna’s sincerity was heartbreaking as we saw Bash turn her back to her. The wounds were to fresh and Bash needed some distance from Kenna. So he went on a King’s deputy mission involving a man coming back from the dead. It turned out the man was just froze to the degree of not being able to interact with other. The village people buried him and panic erupted when he woke up from his near death stadium.

The village people declared this as devil’s work and killed the man in front of Bash. This made Bash realize that he can’t judge Kenna without really knowing her motives for betraying him back in the day. The two of them made peace and things seemed good for the couple, but at this moment they don’t know that Bash’s life is in danger. Antoine recognized Bash as the man who killed his brother Marcus during the Italian wars. It seems like Henry wanted to punish the Brothers for thinking they had rights on the Francis throne. Will be interesting to see this resolve!

ICYMI Conde learned how to say no to Mary. Yes, yes I know it sounds unbelievable but he did so. After saying no to Mary’s plea to spy on Antoine, Conde decided to embrace his forced relationship with Lola and they danced to a beautiful instrumental version of Sia’s Chandelier.

Next the hunt for Henry and Catherine’s poisoner starts and Antoine is hell-bent on revenge, while Elizabeth is still lurking from the shadows. Should be another great outing coming towards us.


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