Quick Recap: The100 2×11

The-100-Season-2-Episode-11– And just like that we’re just 5 episodes away till the end of The100 season 2 and things couldn’t be more intense. The100 reached a great level of storytelling and they keep pushing their boundaries, making things better with every next episode.

– Finally the story at Mount Weather started moving along as Jasper couldn’t bare the fact he didn’t have any information on Monty and the other girl. In an act of desperation Jasper confronts President Wallace about his friends weather about. Jasper even dared to threatened Wallace with a sword but Wallace upper handed him easily. Wallace quickly realized that his son and dr Tsing were moving on their own and took Monty and the other girl. Wallace than released Monty and the girl and promised they will leave Mount Weather. Wallace took Tsing into custody and intended to do the same thing with his son, Cage. But Cage started a mutiny and took over the leadership from his father, looking him up in the process.

– Bellamy was meanwhile trapped by the MW people and prepared him to conduct their experiments. Thankfully Maya was there to save him. The two of them were an unlikely duo and I have to say The100 is doing a fine job connecting characters they weren’t meant to be together. After a lot of turmoil, Bellamy reached the radio and informed Clarke that something weird is happening inside Mount Weather.  Also while imprisoned Bellamy exchanged googly eyes with one of the Grounder girls.

– Back at camp Jaha, thing were escalating when Clarke and Lexa were targets of some Mountain man. One mountain man was killed while the other was overpowered by Octavia, who is growing into her warrior role. After Abby saved the Mountain man’s life, a fight over how to handle him erupted between Abby, Clarke and Kane. The internal power struggle between those 3 was quite intriguing and neither of them was holding back. After Abby informed Kane and Clarke that the Mountain man had Sky people’s blood in their system, Clarke wanted to go mental on the grounder and make him pay. But Abby told her off.

– After an emotional face off with Raven and talking to Bellamy Clarke took the uperhand and used the grounders who followed her on Lexa’s orders and extracted the Mountain man. Another fight erupted between mother and daughter and only thanks to Abby’s common sense prevented a fight between the grounders and sky people.

– Clarke sent a message to MW over the Mountain man, letting them know that they have an enormous army to take them down and a weapon against the reapers. All this just to take the focus of Bellamy who is pulling the big wait here.

– Sadly this episode didn’t feature Jaha and his troops, neither did Lexa.



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