Quick Recap: The Challenge Battle of The Exes II 26×05

wes-theresa-bananas-nany-the-challenge-battle-of-the-exes-2– “Love, Sweat and Tears” was quite the episode and had all the drama, betrayal and disgusting stuff I like about The Challenge.

– Right of the begging tension was rising between Bananas and Wes and everything culminated after this week challenge. But before that I have to express my disgust towards Nia drinking Zach’s sweat. Completely disgusting. Can’t believe how low that girl is.

– This weeks challenge was quite interesting, Open Arms was another swimming challenge. Teams have to advance on a zip line above a pond, swim around a buoy at the opposite side of the pond, then return to the shore and ring a bell. First, the female partner is positioned on a heavy bag, while the male partner is positioned on a sled, and after each zip line is released, the guys will attempt to jump toward their female partners, then each teammate will swim together.

– As the challenge involved swimming so even before it started Leroy and Nia were in last place. And that predicament was true. To almost everyone’s unfortune Wes and Teresa had the fastest time and were proclaimed Power Couple.

– Wes and Teresa without any doubt sent Nanny and Bananas into the Dome to face Nia and Leroy. Afterwards Bananas heated up the fire under Zach’s ass for playing both sides. As said in previous recaps Zach is quite the asshole and I can’t wait for him to exit the game and see his sorry ass cry. The way Nanny and Bananas dig their own grave, by attacking everyone instead of focusing on the game.

– But I neither approve the other girls for calling Nanny a slut, as all of them hooked up with various male or female competitors and than put themselves into a position to judge her. Shame on Teresa, Avery and Nia.

– At the elimination called, “Strung Out”, Much like “Hog Tie” from The Ruins, players from each team are suspended by their arms and feet under poles, and have to shimmy their way from one side of the pole to the other, then ring a bell, and return to the starting line, where their partners will try to do the same. The girls begin the relay race under the poles, and their male partners have to wait until their female partners have returned to the starting line. The first team to advance both players to one side of the pole and back wins. Nanny’s poor work, let Nia and Leroy win the game. I felt so sad for them.

– In the web episode, Battle of the Ex-ile episode 5, Nanny and Bananas faced the current Ex-iled couple JJ and Simone. Nanny and Bananas had an easy game and sent JJ and Simone home.

– Before we close out this Recap, let’s give out a couple of episode awards, given out by preference not performance:

Most despicable competitor: Teresa, someone should just love that girl. She is so neglected it hurts me to watch.

Poorest male swimming performance: Leroy, but I have to say he did improve but come on how that body doesn’t know how to swim.

Most jealous girl without a reason: Avery, Nanny slept with Johnny while she didn’t even know Avery existed.


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