Arrow Review: Fading Principles

wpid-wp-1422580711336At this point I probably shouldn’t even write this review, as I’m pissed like never before after watching an episode of Arrow. “Uprising” featured some underwhelming game-changers, that felt pushy and completely unnecessary as the writers doesn’t seem to find a way to keep the whole cast together if they won’t run over characters principles.

Let’s start with the positive stuff that happened in this outing of Arrow. 7 days have passed since the events of “Midnight City” and Laurel and Roy were trying to keep the people of the Glades as safe as possible. We even got a Flash reference while Roy was fighting one of Brick’s thugs.

Thug: “Are you the Redstreak I was reading about?”

Roy: “Wrong city!”

Laurel and Roy really worked well together and I liked the writers gave Laurel time to get more into the Vigilante role and the improvement was obvious. As the episode progressed Malcolm offered his help to defeat Brick but as it was something Oliver never would do Team Arrow passed on the proposition and instead asked the people of the Glades to help, including Wildcat (Ted Grant) and Sin, Sara’s protegé. At the ultimate face off between Brick and his thugs and Team Arrow and the people of the Glades was messy but really well executed. Wildcat being strong enough to put up a decent fight with Brick was a nice touch to he whole story.  But Wildcat couldn’t hold up and made peace with Laurel on the streets of the Glades. Did Wildcat died? Doubt it but can’t confirm he is alive either.

Danny Brickwell than escaped the fight scene just so he could face the Dark Archer. After Team Arrow and Malcolm found out that Brick killed Malcolm’s wife back in the day, he rose to place 1 on Malcolm’s to kill list.  To understand Malcolm’s action better we  were treated with flashbacks to Malcolm’s past and they have been the other really good part of the. John Barrowman came put his acting skills and wig on the loose and nailed flashback after flashback. We saw him being a good dad for Tommy, grieving at the funeral, killing Rebecca’s suppoused murderer, leaving Tommy and meeting Nyssa, heir to the demon. All this certainly gave a new dimension to Malcolm’s character and his tormented soul.

But all that character evolution was taken from us as Malcolm decided not to kill Brick after Oliver’s speech. The writers decided to take away everything that Malcolm who he is today and replace him for someone who wants to be a better man for his daughter. Malcolm isn’t the type of man who would just walk over his principles cause Oliver asks him to, he is a much deeper character, he would bargin try to get it done his own way. But no, only a couple of sentences about Thea forgiving him were enough for Malcolm to let his rage go and not kill Brick. After that he even agreed to train Oliver so he could defeat Ra’s.

ICYMI or didn’t realized from my little rant about Malcolm’ destroyed character development, Oliver is back in Starling. After he got some strength back he decided to start his journey back home. Tatsu barely let him go and even followed him after he decided to go against her wishes. The two of them shared a special chemistry and connection, always thought they would hook up eventually. Oliver begged Tatsu to follow him home and train with him so he could defeat Ra’s, but she couldn’t. There was no real reason, it just seems that her son’s death took something away from her, it is understandable but still I would’ve loved to see her in Starling.

During their goodbye Tatsu gave Oliver one huge advice:

Only the student will have hope of defeating the master..

With this sentence in his bag Oliver returned to Starling and asked Malcolm for help. Oliver asking Malcolm for help is completely absurd from my pov. I would take Thea tell her the truth and hide her from Malcolm as good as possible. I wouldn’t come back lie to my sister(who hates lies more than anything) and go and train with her lunatic dad who almost got them both killed. I just hope Oliver’s lie about spending time in Bludhaven’s prison won’t turn out like a failed easter egg.

But there is one person who had a worse reaction to Oliver asking Malcolm for help, our Little Mrs. Perfect, Felicity Smoak. She was so pissed of and couldn’t believe what a poor decision Oliver made. She even told him she doesn’t want to be the women he loved. I honestly think Felicity overreacted here a bit but completely agree with her disapproval. Oliver can’t be such a hypocrite and go against his principles if Thea was in danger and play a high moral when other people are at stakes.

ICYMI2 Oliver made a public appearance after he stopped Malcolm from killing Danny. Good idea for keeping yourself and you sister safe from Ra’s.

As said earlier in the review Sin made a comeback to our small screens. She joined the fight against Brick but did something really important she informed Quentin that the woman under the mask (Laurel) isn’t Sara. Next week will be completely Laurel/Canary focused as Laurel is trying to prove herself to Oliver and take down Count Vertigo.



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