Agent Carter Review: Earning Her stripes

Agent-Carter-1x05-The-Iron-Ceiling-6In this week’s episode, “The Iron Ceiling”, Peggy finally find herself between males who respect her but just one mistake will make her pay all her spy dues. I’m really stunned by the quality of story telling in this small season of Agent Carter and just can’t wait to see how this story will resolve.

After Peggy successfully deciphered the code the spooky writing machine typed of she fought herself into the mission towards Russia. Peggy was eager to prove herself, especially after her latest encounter with Jarvis, who tried to justify Howard lying to her. So Peggy called out the big guns and asked her friends, the Howling Commandors, for support. Hayley Atwell does such a great job while portraying this woman dedicated to be the best she can.

Quickly after that Peggy accompanied with Thompson and two other agents reached Europe and met up with the Howling Commanders. The approval that those guys gave Peggy made the other SSR agents see Peggy in a new light. The morning after arrival the group reached the location and before any action Thompson got a shot between the legs, as the Howling’s wouldn’t listen to him unless Peggy approved his plan. 

During the mission Peggy and Thompson found an engineer and his psychiatrist who were captured so they would do Leviathan’s evil work and mimic Howard’s work. The situation quickly escalated and the team barely survived Thompson froze in the middle of the mission and Peggy become the hero of course.

During the trip we finally got more insight into Thompson’s character. He first shared some tidbits of his supposed heroism so just to reveal that the Japanese soldiers he killed were waving the white flag and he killed them for no good reason. Chad Michael Murray was exquisite in his performance. I admired his acting ever since his OTH days, cause he had that easiness in portraying those emotions. A firmed bond was established between Peggy and Thompson as she earned her strips in his eyes.

Meanwhile a small mistake Peggy made before leaving for the mission will most likely make her cover blow up. Peggy was to inpatient to wait for the guys to change clothes so she entered their locker room with them. During her time there Sousa accidentelly saw her in her “underwear” and saw a mark on her shoulder. The same mark the blond women from the picture had on her shoulder. Sousa looked through Peggy’s personal file and saw that she had that mark for quite some time. Sousa didn’t report Peggy yet but if you saw the preview for next week’s episode it seems like he will come forward with it.

Dooley was on his mission to find out more about Finow and where its place in this story is. He met up with a SSR informant, played by the charming John Glover and even spoke with Jarvis to get some intel on Howard’s intentions. But he didn’t get no real information on what really happened in Finow. Hopefully his investigation will get some results next week.

Dottie meanwhile showed more of her devious-self! She stole Peggy’s room key and searched through the room while Peggy was abroad. After finding pictures of Howard’s inventions she played a bit with herself in the mirror pretending to be Peggy, the biatch even put her make up on! I assume we’ll soon get a one on one between the girls and I can’t wait for Peggy to swipe the floor with this blond bimbo. She certainly deserves it.

An eventful episode ended with some big stories hanging in the air and awaiting some major resolution. But still there are 2 big question is looming in the air, what does Leviathan want from Stark and his inventions and who will become Peggy’s husband from the 2nd Captain America movie. I hope we get answers on both questions soon.


One thought on “Agent Carter Review: Earning Her stripes

  1. This was a great episode all around and arguably the best one so far, in my opinion. Makes me upset that there are only eight episodes but we got not only some good action, but great character development for Thompson as we and Peggy learned that he’s not this brave leader everyone makes him out to be. Like he told Sousa last week, not every soldier who came home wanted a hug. But Thompson got that hug based on a like and I really liked Murray’s performance in that final scene. He finally sees Peggy as an equal not because she made him, but because they bonded over the fact that they’re both seen as someone that they’re not. I couldn’t help but smile when 1. Dooley commended Carter on her good work and 2. Thompson inviting Peggy to drink with him and the rest of the boys. She finally receives the validation she’s been deserving of since before the series began. Not too shabby for a guy who previously told Peggy that the natural order of things dictated that no man would ever see her as an equal.

    It was also great to see Peggy interact with the Commandos again, like time never stopped. I enjoyed the talks between Peggy and Dum-Dum and it was incredibly sad to see them part ways again because I’m sure Peggy would love to do this type of work again where she’s surrounded by men who see her as equals. Plus, we got to see some good detective work from Dooley now just trying to get to the bottom line and Sousa now knowing Peggy’s secret. Just a great episode all-around.

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