The Flash Review: Moving On

flash-crazy6Last night The Flash was all about moving on! In probably the best episode of its 12 episode run The Flash delivered on all the important levels. For quite some time I was asking for an episode with smaller focus on Metas and give the characters more focus. “Crazy for you” had it all, emotions, action and a bunch of hilarious moments, like Caitlin giving this weeks Meta the nickname Peek-a-boo.

So let’s start with Caitlin right away. After one of Cisco’s comments about not having a life, Caitlin wanted to be proactive and move on from her flaming ex-fiancee, Ronnie Raymond. This lead to a night of hard partying with Barry. The intention was the two of them to be on a look out for Peek-a-boo and her boyfriend, but instead Caitlin got hammered and was all over Barry. They sang karaoke together, he held her head while puking and undressed-dressed her into her pajamas. Their connection is so sincere and pure, making their interaction really enjoyable to watch. Even their scenes the day after partying felt just natural. The smirk on Caitlin’s face by the end of the episode indicated that Caitlin is ready to move on and seems like Barry is the choice for moving forward with.

Barry meanwhile dealt with the new Meta on the loose and with his addictive relationship with Iris. Shawna Bayes was a teleporting meta that just wanted to be happy with her boyfriend. She extracted him from jail and stole money for him just so he would leave her the moment the things went into the wrong direction. Even Peek-A-boo had to move on from her boyfriend.

Shawna extracting her boyfriend, Clay, introduced another story involving Barry’s father, Henry. He wanted to help Barry and Joe in their investigation but got attacked by a random thug for asking questions about his boss. Barry watching over his hurt father was really sweet and him reacting so protective and emotional cause of it added just more greatness to the Barry Allen character.

Barry of course couldn’t let the thug go away unpunished so he let him out of jail so he would get 5-10 more years in prison, devious. After all the drama with Shawna calmed down, Barry visited Henry one more time. They talked about the Flash and Henry let Barry know that he knew Barry was the Flash. Henry’s lines were just so sincere and gave Barry the affirmation he was secretly seeking.

Well if The Flash were my son, I’d tell him a few things. First off, I’d tell him it’s a dangerous world so be careful. Then I’d tell him he’s a hero and he’s saving a lot of lives, but the most important thing for him to know, I feel, is that his father’s proud of him

Even on the love plane, Barry progressed this week. After failing to be Iris knight on a white horse, he realized that waiting for her to replicate his feelings is just stupid. So he went to the bar with Caitlin where he met Mrs Linda Park, played by the adorable Malese Jow. As I huge Malese fan I’m glad her entrance was so smooth and handled really well. She wasn’t fangirling she just saw a guy she really liked and went for it. Barry being so adorkable about Linda making a move on him was just sweet. I would want my daughter to date a guy like Barry. I was glad to see that Barry decided to move on and invite Linda on a lunch date. The biggest surprise here was Iris reaction who had plenty questions for Barry, who was dating her colleague as Linda was working at CC Picture News as well.

But Barry, as the Flash, couldn’t help himself and helped Iris by giving her some information about Shawna’s boyfriend. But Iris was smarter this time and took a pic of the Flash.

ICYMI Grant Gustin gave us a glimpse of his amazing vocal skills while singing Summer Dancing at the Karaoke.

Last but not least we saw Cisco moving on from his guilt. Cisco was eating himself up about closing the door on Ronnie and when Hartley appeared with information about Ronnie’s whereabouts he could say no. I enjoyed Hartley and Cisco’s interaction very much and their fight scene was surprisingly entertaining. It was nice to see Cisco had some latino fire going through his veins. Eventually Hartley escaped but not before sharing that Martin Stein and Ronnie merged into one human. This was just a sweet set up towards next weeks Firestorm centric episode. Should be a lot of fun!

But The Flash wouldn’t be so good if they wouldn’t surprise us in the closing moments of the episode. This week we saw Gorilla Grodd killing some workers in Central city’s sewers. In the DC comic universe Gorilla Grodd is one of The Flash’s biggest enemies while in the show he currently only is Well’s ex-pet. Things are finally heating up the right way and with every week we are closer to some new resolutions, can’t wait to see on what secret we will stumble on next week.


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